MagniFi Max SR - Surrounds Popping (despite software updates)



  • I’m using the SR1 speakers.
  • rh007
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    I am now using the React soundbar with the react sub and SR2 rear speakers. There is no strange noise, no creaking or anything like those made by the SR1. I wish the SR2s were compatible with the magnifi max, because these speakers really work well. from here I ask the Polk technicians to make an update so that the Sr2 can work with the magnifi max, it would be perfect. The React bar has a very good sound, but having less power you have to turn up the volume more, if with the magnifi max I used to set the volume to 20 with the React you have to set it to 40 to make it similar.
  • rh007
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    Everyone I’m pretty sure the popping is caused from the interference from our bodies. I used to have my rear speakers on the wall behind me. Now they are on stands next to my couch. No longer popping unless I move too close to a speaker.

    In the end this was not a solution for me, we will have to look for other procedures to be able to solve these damn noises or interference from the rear speakers Sr1. a great pity that the SR2s are not compatible with the magnifi Max, because with the React bar the Sr2s do not cause any problems. but for power and sound quality I prefer the Magnifi max.
  • I have Magnifi Max with SR1 surrounds bought new only recently. My SR1s pop and crackle intermittently; have done since day 1. Now I lose audio completely if I try to adjust the volume via the Polk remote, my TV remote or on the sound bar itself. I have to power the sound bar down and back up to get audio back. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of sending the whole lot back and asking for a refund.
  • I recommend sending an email to: [email protected] and explain what is happening.
  • Having the same issues everyone else is having, version 136 nothing has changed waste of money
  • rh007
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    I also have these problems, instead the react and magnifi 2 sound bars together with the SR2, do not have any problem, it would be interesting if the Sr2 could be compatible with the magnifi max, maybe the problem would be solved,
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    Upgrading to v136 solved all of my problems with pops
  • I have v136. But didn't solved any issues. Originally it was only subwoofer popping now in some cases surround also is making popping noise.
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    I tried that for my own, nothing changed.
  • I have to disagree with this "body interference" thing... I bought mine maybe a year ago or less and they've been popping in the surrounds since I got them. I DID buy the warranty because my Sharp soundbar started getting funky similarly. Ours are about 10ft off the floor stashed in alcoves on each side of the room. so our bodies are not close. I have noticed that they only crackle when the volume is maxed out. I have no issues with the sub. All that said, I am running on the 5ghz band and live out in the boonies. I am equally as disappointed because they were the most expensive speakers in the store. If I could change something other than the crackling, I would love to be able to eq them. They aren't very smooth. When they kick on, its like a megaphone. Fail. And yes, I still have my dx10 subwoofers from 2002 in my truck, and they still slam!
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    Hi Ecliz,

    Having this issue mostly on the right speaker as well. Not super familiar with soldering yet (just wires, not boards), or with this kind of electronics, or technical stuff in English which is not my primary language.

    When you say 'the old wifi antenna', i suspect that you mean an old antenna unrelated to the Polk kit, that you recycled? will anything labeled as wifi antenna work? Need to purchase these separately, and would like to get the right ones.

    Do you mean that you solder to the 2 triangle-shaped things on top? Would the direction matter in this case? left / right?
    When you say wire and braid: I guess the wire is obvious, but the braid is the meshlike shielding around the wire? Do all antenna's have this? I have never taken one apart.

    A few pictures would help a lot.
    Thanks :smile: