MagniFi Max SR - Surrounds Popping (despite software updates)



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    A response from my friend:

    "The router may be too close to the soundbar or left speaker, causing the crackle. In this case, a firmware update will not be helpful.

    The Soundbar communicates with the wireless speakers and subwoofer via RF. Other nearby wireless devices, including wireless routers, can cause communication issues, resulting in popping or crackling sounds. Temporarily place the wireless surround speakers near the soundbar for initial re-pairing. Once paired, you can move the speakers to their desired location. Relocating other nearby wireless devices may be necessary. If you need more help, please contact Polk Support by visiting"
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    You need not only wire but all antenna. See pic

    Yep - I've just tried this wifi antenna add-on - and absolutely no change. (I'm an electronics tech, so no issues with doing the mod). It seemed a reasonable thing to do in the circumstance.

    I picked up the soundbar and sub from a retailer on a tv/soundbar EOY special, and then found a pair of SR's (new - in box) on sale from a retailer - so the 'cost' was very low - except that I've wasted nearly a week trying to sort out the firmware upgrade and wireless issues.

    And... firmware is a dead loss - after all the helpful advice on how to force it to update, it just sits there (without blinking - blinking would be good )

    Google has disowned any more chromecast updates, as Polk have implemented the gadget using 1st Gen chromecast - now deprecated - and there's actually no firmware otherwise available from Polk, so ... raspberry to Polk.

    Goggle Home reports it's on 1.36.145853 - which indicates a deprecated 1st generation Chromecast (audio) - but checking on (,check-the-firmware-version-of-your-chromecast-device,current-production-firmware-version) it appears there's possibly one more update available - 1.36.159268

    I'm ... NOT... holding my breath for any updates sorting this out, seeing as the same issue has persisted for 5years :-(

    I'm really regretting going for a soundbar, now, and not just expanding my wired stereo speakers to add surround and centre. I'll leave it for a few days to see if any 'magic' happens, and then I'm throwing the SR circuit in the bin and turning the speakers into wired surrounds ;-)

    Anyone reverse engineered the Polk soundbar circuit to see if they can output the surround signals separately??

    Wish I'd seen this thread before buying, instead of just all the glowing reviews. It needed specific search terms to find, so no wonder there's so many electronic lemons out there.