MagniFi Max SR - Surrounds Popping (despite software updates)



  • Nick_SNick_S Posts: 12
    edited April 22
    Just watched Bohemian Rhapsody on BR on version 115 & experienced interference on right rear about 4 times during film (seemed to be a start of several of the songs). Played perfectly a few weeks ago on v.112, so something has changed for the worse. No wi-fi enabled devs or router anywhere near rears/sub or sound bar.
  • sultjapsultjap Posts: 5
    Having same issue with rear right on v 115
  • Nick_SNick_S Posts: 12
    Darn it - & it was all going so well!! Hopefully next update will fix but very frustrating, Not had any issues with v112 & was very happy with performance. I must of jinxed it by telling dealer all was now (finally) working 100%!!
  • RobozomboRobozombo Posts: 3
    As for background noise and firework sounds lol try turning down voice volume a notch or two it could be user error max volume was affecting my sb1 performance
  • zegreatonezegreatone Posts: 1
    My left rear surround speaker has been going crazy the last few weeks. I tried watching game of thrones last night with a few people over and they all commented on how bad it crackles... When the system works as it should, it's great. The problem is that it almost never works as it should anymore. Constant pops during shows... I have had this system for well over a year now and am really unimpressed with it not being fixed yet. I think this will have to be my last Polk product that I purchase.

    Firmware v115
  • mo_ustmo_ust Posts: 1
    It was perfect with 112. After v115, my rear surround keep crackles during movies for last few weeks. It is frustrated.
  • joesephKjoesephK Posts: 15
    I still have not had any issues with 115, same as 112 for me
  • EclizEcliz Posts: 28
    I also don't see any differences between 115 and 112
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