Billet RD-0194/8 tweeter plate design.



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    Love it!
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    Separate subpanel with four dedicated 20 amp circuits.
    1. Amplification 2. Analog 3. Digital 4. Video

  • Thanks for the likes fellas! Can’t wait to do the 2Bs
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    Lots of nice work going on here. I've just returned to the forum after a long hiatus. I still have several smaller projects to work on in the future. Keep up the nice work. The information presented makes an interesting read as I learn something that may help me later.
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    VSAT88 wrote: »
    @xschop Whats happening Hoss ! When the site took a plunge I did not get back on for a while. Looks like your work has been kickin **** and taking names ! This is some great stuff you are building here man. I finally found 4 Polk MW in Atlanta. One with a slipped magnet so I finally got to try the tool . Quick easy works perfectly. Another original Polk Mid woofer saved from the scrap heap. Drove 4 hours round trip but 30.00 for four MW 6500's was worth it. Well, I did pick up some other stuff while I was out and about you know..

    Sorry for the REALLY late reply, but I did message you on the new forum months ago lol.

    Don't toss burnt-coil MWs, they can be repaired without too much involved... Hit me up with PM if you chime in here in the next few months lmao.