• AndyM23456
    I am a newbie on here with two sets of 1.2Tls I’m dragging from my closet this week, along with completely rebuilt Adcom GFA-565’s to power the first set I can get right.
    I have a million questions and am reading every day on ways to test to ensure my speakers are working and ready for power after 15 years in the closet, as well as being bombarded with dialog on modding the Polks for better sound.
    My first question has been answered by fifty people with 20 different answers. As I take from reading, you are kinda like OZ and your answers can be assured to be correct.
    So…I take that with using my Adcoms that I will first have to jumper the negative terminals on each mono block to the other. I also assume that the two chassis will require a jumper to ground the chassis for a common ground.
    Here’s where it gets sketchy…I have two interface cables for the Polks. One cable is pin/blade and just a 15 foot cable, and one is pin/blade with a transformer built in. Which do I use? Thanks
    January 28