Billet RD-0194/8 tweeter plate design.



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    Love it!
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    Separate subpanel with four dedicated 20 amp circuits.
    1. Amplification 2. Analog 3. Digital 4. Video

  • Thanks for the likes fellas! Can’t wait to do the 2Bs
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    Lots of nice work going on here. I've just returned to the forum after a long hiatus. I still have several smaller projects to work on in the future. Keep up the nice work. The information presented makes an interesting read as I learn something that may help me later.
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    I got these for my sda srs 2.3tl pair, along with a custom Vr3 crossover and internal wiring, larry's rings, dynamat, and soon to have the steel semi rings for the mid woofers.
    The rdo 198 tweeters were very easy to install into the billet plates. ZERO REGRETS! Sound is amazing. It was good with oem crossovers, but it sounds amazing now.fm2esm33yzu6.jpg