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    That had to have been a tough role for Ned Beatty.
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    I've been on the Chattooga River in north Georgia in rafts long ago - before the Deliverance movie.
    My first trip was quite an experience, especially going over a small waterfall and puncturing the raft when we became caught on rocks halfway down. My friend and I had walked ahead to view the rapids before proceeding on all previous rapids. At the rapids that caused trouble, there was a group of "real hippies (1970)" camping next to the river. So being tired from more than 6 hours on the river and hearing the water flow ahead, we asked them from our raft in the pool before the rapids if it was safe to proceed.
    They said sure it was okay to continue without walking the raft around the rapids. WOW! They helped us in getting our stuff to shore. These were the only people we saw that day on the river - before the river became so popular.
    It was a long walk carrying our equipment back to our point of departure after reaching a local road through the woods.
    A few years later, five work friends rafting were assaulted by mountain people on the river. This event was after the movie was released, and was reported by the local TV stations.

    One of the better things Jimmy Carter did was backing legislation that prevented dams on the Chattooga River. It still remains wild today but lots of people visit.

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    I think we live right under the military's jets flight path. They 99% of the time fly directly over us coming in and going out too. :p

    Today was special. My wife and I were outside working and 3 smaller size jets roared overhead and banked left just as they passed us. :oB) They were about 10 or 15 seconds apart. So the roar lasted for a good bit. We get jet air shows over us a lot. B)

    We LOVE it when they come in slow...and keep that roar going STRONG and LOUD. :D

    We think they use our big square bright white back-roof as a marker. Normal airplanes seem to fly off to the sides of us.
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  • Those Mallory CGS (computer grade series) can last for many years with no leakage or change of value as long as they have a fairly heat free environment.
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    Need a new tv, etc. Facebook marketplace
    1950 Admiral Television Entertainment Console
    Listed 19 hours ago in Atlanta, GA


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    Apropos of the above (and FWIW): I've always kind of wondered why the "back side" of the cone suspension attained the moniker spider?

    Now, I'll grant you that early "spiders" were, perhaps, more arachnoid in morphology -- such as the spiders on my venerable (and seldom unboxed) Altec 604B Duplexes (and on my single, rather scroungy, 603B "Dia-Cone").


    1940s to early 1950s Altec (phenolic) spider from this interesting thread at the Lansingheritage forums:
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    jdjohn wrote: »

    Yah, it's true! :)
    It counts minutes and seconds... "digital clocks" like this (and even cruder ones) are quite familiar to those of us who are... umm... of a certain age. Or an uncertain age, once we can't quite remember any more...


    That Wollensak/Sanyo 8-track deck's "digital" timer is bit on the "crude" side, but the little geared wheels on it are indeed calibrated with minutes and seconds. If (!?) it is driven by an AC synchronous motor, and the gears are pretty precisely cut, it should be good enough to ensure the track change ka-chunk doesn't fall right in the middle of an In-a-gadda-.... :#
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    That one appears a "little" rough around the edges Ol'chap...
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    OK -- I am in full-on reminisence mode after posting that image. That's the "digital" filmstrip clock used by Zenith in one of their "Circle of Sound" clock radios in the very early 1970s. I was the proud recipient of one (birthday present) ca. 1971 (i.e., almost exactly 50 years ago). It woke me up (to WBAL-AM 1090)
    for school for years, and I also used to listen to the Baltimore pop and rock (AM and FM) radio stations of the early 1970s on it before I set up a "hifi" ca. 1974 or 5 from components gleaned from my father. :)

    It actually sounded pretty good (for a plastic cabinet clock radio)! Zenith sold all kinds of cute loudspeaker configurations (large & small, cheap & expensive) over the years -- this particular "Circle of Sound" model has a downward firing "fullrange" (ahem) driver with a diffuser that serves as the radio's base. B)

    Borrowed internet photo -- but I still have mine down in the basement. It is on its second clock, and I don't think the second one works any more, either... but it was a good ol' radio, and (probably) still is.

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention -- the above-mentioned radio was acquired from Luskin's in Glen Burnie, MD. "Where Jack you know will save you dough!"

    ahh, memories...


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    I remember that ad :)

    Probably still better than the cactus needles of the Victrola era, I suppose. :#


    I don't think they're good for too many plays before replacement's required. :|
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    jdjohn wrote: »


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