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    Speaking of Agnes Moorehead...

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    Beautiful concrete work.

    Not certain how well and long it would survive in cold, wet climates. Might not be cost effective with a shorter life.


    EDIT: In Nebraska I see concrete driveways that have had the pebble top-coating applied. I won't mention the popular brand name. I've never seen one last more than 4-5 years without chunks breaking out. This is with bad winters; lots of freezing temps., snow/ice during that period. Maybe a few years longer if there's a couple of mild winters.
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    Wow that is freakin' awesome!! B)
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    ^^^ Nice job, those blend very well. Some are just too rustic for the rooms.
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    Just don't let the kids put their phones in it!

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    Nightfall wrote: »
    Dirty & sloppy out here. Just the way... nevermind.


    We had 2-3" of snow overnight. Too early for this!!!!! Possible record low temp. tonight, into the mid-teens. If we get below it will break a 95 year old record. Let's not and say we did! :)
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    lightman1 wrote: »

    I'm in a cave.....

    And that lighting well it sure brings out your eyes....
    Trim your nose hair🤭😉
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    @hermitism -- I sense an opportunity here...
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    The "31 Days of October" is my swan song. Just sticking to audio related stuff.
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    It's only the twenty-sixth.
    Not trying to be a bad influence or anything.


    EDIT: PS -- just kidding (in case that's not clear)
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    Here to pick your brain & steal your cookies
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    Rick88 wrote: »


    ... and he was so close, too.

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    Rick88 wrote: »

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