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    Okay she is back together and time to put her back in the equipment rack.
    A whole lotta 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 to come!
    This is all @nooshinjohn ’s fault tha fargon bastage!!
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    So far so good 😊
    I only have the Ethernet, USB and the XLR’s plugged in right now and it is working.
    This is a stereo SACD playing ( @gmcman remember THIS??😉)
    Now to go through the maze and get all of the others connected.
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    Okay maybe it’s just because I’m not looking forward to crawling around beside the rack and reaching behind it and playing with the maze, but I decided to try some more music. This is very preliminary, but the sound seems to be a tad smoother and has better defined bass.
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    @ptrooper have you done any of this after Mr Rasmussen got finished with your 205?
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    Don’t know why my phone does this to the pic sometimes, but anyway I have found myself just sitting and listening to the music and letting track after track play.
    Not expected
    The vocals are not as “shouty” as before and are a bit further back in the soundstage and not so “in yo face” anymore.
    Noticing some micro dynamics that I hadn’t noticed before as well.
    Everything is also a bit more coherent and “of one piece“ now-if you will.
    I’m remembering what it was like to enjoy spinning discs again!
    I have never liked the sound of music ripped to a hard drive from a CD 💿 compared to the actual CD. I always noticed a little of it taken away streaming over the network. Now I am seeing more of why.
    I can hear little bits and pieces that I haven’t been able to easily discern before. Like on the track Rain. There is one section where her voice comes from both channels and she is saying different things in each channels simultaneously. Now I can actually make out some of what she is saying.
    Then there is the bass! 😱
    (I STILL haven’t hooked up all of the cables yet!)
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    You can hear the fact that they used Monster Cable when they recorded this album.
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    If you want to show off your SDA’s then I HIGHLY recommend getting this CD 💿 and playing track four “Gettin in the way” When the chorus comes in it starts to the right of the right channel speaker and comes blowing down the wall right to the listening seat.
    It even goes vertical!!
    I have actually had audiophiles and non audiophiles alike thinking the sounds were coming from my right rear surround speaker up on the wall!!
    The first time I played this for someone, he was sitting on the couch bent over tying his shoes and when the chorus came in he SNAPPED TO He sat upright so fast and you should have seen the look on his face 😱🤣
    It was a combination of surprise and bewilderment at what he was hearing (and he was bent over not even paying attention at first!!)
    Now this CD just sounds “tighter” for lack of a better term to describe what I am hearing.

    (*and I STILL haven’t even hooked up all of the other cables yet. I’ve just been sitting here for a couple of hours now just listening to Silver disc after Silver disc *)
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    A good show so far!!
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    Hooked up all of the cables and did a channel test. Miraculously all channels were correct!!

    Imaging and bass are definitely tighter.
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    Hooked up all of the cables and did a channel test. Miraculously all channels were correct!!

    Imaging and bass are definitely tighter.

    That recording was made with frayed RatShack lampcord and wire coat-hangers.
    The Gear... Carver "Statement" Mono-blocks, TriangleArt Reference SE with Pass Labs Xono Phono Preamp, Walker Precision Motor Drive, ClearAudio Goldfinger Diamond v2 cartridge and Origin Conquerer Mk3c tonearm, Polk Audio "Signature" Reference Series 1.2TL with complete mods, Pass Labs X0.2 three chassis preamp, PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MkII, Krell Evolution 505 SACD Player, Pioneer Elite SC-LX701, Oppo UDP-205 4K Blu-ray player, Sony XBR70x850B 4k, Polk audio AB800 "in-wall" surrounds.

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    Oy such a grumpy beyotch!!👆🏽👆🏾👆🏿
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    Warming the system up with this. I didn’t like any of her albums after this. I still think this one was her best output.
    Now not only do I have a hankerin to listen to some of her other stuff. As I’m combing my CD 💿 racks, I’m piling (COMpiling) up a buncha other CD’s to play!!
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    I can definitely hear a difference in recording quality between the two CD’s💿 I always thought Love Deluxe was the best sounding one. Now it is more obvious than ever. It’s not like Stronger than Pride sounds bad. It’s just obviously inferior to Love Deluxe now.
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    Is it a crime the opening track harks back to the days when pop music had dynamic range!
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    You’re not the man. Track #4 I had almost forgotten how I used to use this as an SDA soundstage demo track for thirty years. It definitely sounds different here. The vocals are no longer up front, as they are further back in the soundstage. The saxophone 🎷 is one of the instruments along with the Piano 🎹 that I always felt Polks did well. It too is no longer as forward as it used to be whenever I played this. I’m getting a sound that is more set back between the loudspeakers now than before.
    It may not be to some peoples taste, but I like that!!
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    Does anyone remember Elton John’s “forgotten album” that he did with the Spinners??
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    Definitely smooth as silk Philly sound from the 70’s. Not that I have time to sit and listen, I’m hearing some details that I don’t recall hearing before.
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    I find it odd/interesting how some of the MoFi gold CD’s 📀 Show the original cover art instead of the MoFi cover. I almost forgot I had this one, it’s been so long since I listened to it.
    I must say both the upgraded power supply in combination with the BD-ROM stabilizer have transformed the sound of this Oppo!
    No longer the cool character it was once known to be.
    Still detailed (even more so now) but more inviting musically than ever before!
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    The old warhorses are coming out now. The organ now sounds like it is more clearly behind the speakers like it is supposed to.
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    There is a bass line there that while audible, I never really heard the individual notes before!😱 :o
  • honestaquarianhonestaquarian Posts: 2,882
    Trippy revisionistic fun!!
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    This is from the same DVD-A disc. Has anyone ever been able to hear a difference between the MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) and the DTS 24/96 versions of any of the songs on this disc in 5.1???
    I never could, but I’m gonna try now 🤓😄
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    Well now I FINALLY have heard a small difference between the two!!!
    It is pretty small at that-which shows just how good the DTS algorithm is.
    Remember DTS is lossy compression and MLP is Lossless compression.
    The DTS sounds “slightly” thinner and Freddy Mercury’s voice doesn’t sound as realistic. The MLP has Freddy sounding ever so slightly more full and realistic. On the DTS the sound effects at the beginning of The Game sound a tad metallic compared to the MLP. Again the difference is tiny.
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    Just to be clear these were both the 5.1 versions I was listening to
    I never listened to the stereo versions.
    Now that I mention it I think I will.......
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    Well never mind. Only one version of the stereo (I forgot all about that)
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    This is also a tribute to both Clones Audio and Oppomod upgrades. That being the fact that I am now willing to listen to the tracks in surround instead of in stereo. They actually sound better in 5.1 on this disc than they do in stereo. Whoda thunk that THAT would be a difference that I would hear after the upgrades?!?!
    Come to think of it I am giving a HUGE shout out to Jaehong at Oppomod for his patience and customer service. I was SHOCKED to find out when the BD-ROM stabilizer got sent back to him, he had to pay extra money to his post office in order to get it back from them!!😱😱😱
    Then when I asked him to send it back three months later after things had calmed down a bit on the Corona front, it cost him even more to ship it again.
    So he deserves KUDOS for his customer service!!!!
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    Overall the sound is no longer as forward, not as bright, but detailed and has more impact and better bass. Vocals no longer sound like they are just forward of the front of the speakers. They are more set back between them. I hear more details in the string section on my all time favorite Toto track "I won't hold you back".
    I can still remember once playing that track on a McIntosh/Infinity system and when the drums came in it drove the McIntosh amp into powerguard!!!😁
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    This ENTIRE CD is a combination SDA/bass demo! I often forget how Madonna's albums tend to have a lot of bass. Deep as well as heavy and often detailed. I can hear better the "layers" of the mixes here. I can hear deeper into what is going on (and there is often A LOT going on on each of these tracks)
    Oh and did I mention the bass?!?!?
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    Forgot I had the Oppo Media Control app on my phone. This is disc one of a four disc set. The SDA imaging is no longer as diffuse as it used to be. It is more solid when it goes outside the area between the speakers. The soundstage isn’t any wider, it’s just better defined. Right now I’m listening to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes Featuring Teddy Pendergrass. Judicious use of phase manipulation appears to have been used when they cut these CD’s. The vocals are often sounding out of phase on a lot of the tracks on these discs. They definitely eq’d the bass(I just heard a bass guitar 🎸 riff that I do not remember) The vocals are more solid now, despite the phasiness injected.
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