Candy store for OPPO owners?



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    The original power cord next to the one from the Upgrade company.
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    The site informs you of what they do and even says it will refund you if your not happy!
    I'd really like to put my ears on one .
  • Updates to the Oppo
    I’m using the USB DAC input on the back now. I ran a long USB-A to USB-B cable from my computer in the bedroom to the Oppo in the living room. I have the Windows Tidal app on my computer and since the Capital Audio fest (which was sponsored by and infested with) Qobuz. I’ve been doing a trial membership with them again Windows desktop app. I discovered an app called Audirvāna that allows you to put all of that together and control it from your phone remotely with great success! Now my Oppo is decoding MQA coming from the computer (it only seems to work using Audirvāna. It doesn’t work when I use the Tidal app directly) and I can also send DSD to the Oppo using Audirvāna. I still have the capability of streaming DSD via the SMB. Supposedly only via the USB DAC input can the Oppo play back DSD 512. I haven’t been able to figure out how to find the limited titles in that resolution and send it. This is a work in progress, but so far I am very happy with the results!
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    There is definitely a difference in sound quality between Tidal and Qobuz. Which one sounds better depends largely on what you are listening to and what your tastes are. On some material Qobuz sounds better and on some Tidal sounds better.
    I equate the difference to listening to Tubes (Qobuz) versus good Class D (Tidal) on some material. On other things it might be more comparable to Class A versus class AB. I’m being vague on purpose because again it depends on what you are streaming. On some things the difference isn’t there
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    It’s mostly on the Qobuz HiRez versus Tidal MQA that I can hear a difference. The midrange on the Qobuz sounds sweeter and a bit more forward sometimes. The bass the fuller, more pronounced and rounder. Overall a lovely sound and taken alone I can see why some audiophiles says it sounds better.


    When I listen to the same tracks via Tidal MQA I realize that the midrange is a bit more threadbare and the bass not as pronounced. Then the detail comes blowing through from top to bottom that I wasn’t hearing on Qobuz. Lots more detail. You turn the volume up a couple of DB on the Tidal and not as much of a difference.
    Qobuz overall sounds a little louder because of what I mentioned above.The highs on Qobuz sound a tad rolled off compared to Tidal. When you listen to the same songs on both in standard CD resolution then all of the difference’s mentioned above evaporate.
  • One of the complaints that I have heard about Tidal versus Qobuz is that other than if it’s CD resolution or MQA Tidal doesn’t tell you what format is playing versus Qobuz which gives you the actual resolution playing and what type of file it is (FLAC for example) With Audirvāna all of that is on display. You can see in the pics above which one is playing (Qobuz or Tidal) by looking to the right of the song and album title and you can see either the Tidal or Qobuz symbol. Also at the bottom of the pic you can see all of the resolution information. Qobuz doesn’t do MQA right now.
  • This is all via an Oppo Digital UDP-205 4K Blu-ray player that I upgraded and blogged about here in this thread a couple of years ago.
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    Did you finally find the screw? OR did you get a new power supply? I had thought you already did the power supply.
  • Been gone for a while.
    Got my greasy grabbers on a used Oppo BDP-103 after my Playstation 3 slim died on me. The ONLY device I found to stream movies and music better than the Playstation was the Oppo. Then shortly after I got it I went to Clones audio's website to see if they had an upgraded power supply for the BDP series and they didn't. Oppomod did though. So I got the power supply and the BD-ROM stabilizer. Player is functioning and I'm doing the break in now. So far the colors definitely pop more now that the new supply is installed. I didn't take before and after pics like a few years ago with the UDP-205 (see previous review above)
    Suffice it to say I learned my lesson from last time and used a magnet to make sure those tiny little screws didn't fall and disappear into the bowels of the player like last time. This upgrade was way easier to do as there isn't as much inside the player. The only real issue I had was with one of the Molex connectors next to some small heat sinks. You have to reverse the direction of the wiring harness plug when plugging it into the new board and pull some extra length of cable out from under the transport. The connector on the new board is located further in and you have to run that cable around some heat sinks. Plus one of the heat sinks on one of the transistors sits over one of the screw holes that holds the board in place and you have to bend it out of the way in order to get the screw in. The screw that goes into the middle of the old board is not used as there is no hole for it in the new board.
    Once the break in is done this baby is going in the bedroom system.
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    Did you finally find the screw? OR did you get a new power supply? I had thought you already did the power supply.

    @pitdogg2 I never tried to find that screw again in the bowels of my UDP-205. There is only one missing and like I said before I do not want to tank that sucker looking for one tiny screw. It has been working perfectly for years since the upgrade though. I regretted selling my BDP-103 almost immediately after doing so. I did it to help pay for the upgrade to the UDP-205. Also since I had the Playstation slim, I didn't really need it. Well now that is dead and instead of going the Playstation route for a third try, I decided to get another BDP-103 and upgrade it like I did the UDP-205. I don't have a 4K TV yet in either the living room or the bedroom (*the latest Sony QD OLED is very expensive and still not yet available as of this writing and I'm trying to pay down my debt. Not go into more right now*) I still have my Sony KD34XBR970 widescreen, flat screen tube TV in the bedroom and it still amazes me at how good that old technology really was for it's time. I also got an Oppo HM-31 HDMI switcher, as the Sony only has one HDMI input. I have a TiVo mini with HDMI in the bedroom as well.