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    Sal can't seem to escape it. Still suffering from range anxiety :smile:
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    Spare Room: Dayens Ampino Integrated Amp, Tjoeb 99 tube CD player (modified Marantz CD-38), Analysis Plus Oval 9's, Zu Jumpers, AudioEngine B1 Streamer, Klipsch RB-61 v2, SVS PB1000 sub, Blue Jeans RCA IC's, Shunyata Hydra 8 Power Conditioner
    Living Room: Peachtree Nova Integrated, Cambridge CXN v2 Streamer, Rotel RCD-1072 CD player, Furman 15PFi Power Conditioner, Polk RT265 In Wall Speakers, Polk DSW Pro 660wi sub
    Garage #1: Cambridge Audio 640A Integrated Amp, Project Box-E BT Streamer, Polk Tsi200 Bookies, Douglas Speaker Cables, Shunyata Power Conditioner
    Garage #2: Cambridge Audio EVO150 Integrated Amplifier, Polk L200's, Analysis Plus Silver Oval 2 Speaker Cables, IC's TBD.
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    If Musk was smart, he would have equipped that Tesla with some solar panels, a little guidance system....and see how far out he could shoot that puppy.

    OR....do the same and have it landed on the moon. How much publicity would that generate ? Every night any kid can look through a telescope and see a Tesla parked on the moon.

    Would certainly give those dudes at Ancient Aliens somethin' to talk about for awhile.
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  • Clipdat
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    Please just make this easier for everyone involved. Edit your posts to remove your bs spam and show yourself to the door. Be an adult.
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    SweetSpot wrote: »

    I've tried, My parents tried, They say I'm just different. Some people are just different.

    This account has not been banned yet. When this one goes I have 6 more. they are all active,

    Time to make more. They are all created from my clients sites all around the world so that the IPs are different.

    Wow, thanks for confirming in writing that you're a toxic troll. Time to crawl back under your bridge.
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    Just report him.