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    Skip, will you be in tomorrow? I'm in a meeting from 9 until about 11 but free to say hi after.
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    Congrats on the new series. I am thrilled to see that Polk has finally gotten serious about marketing.

    Love the "American HiFi" slogan.
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    DSkip wrote: »
    Russman has ears I trust as well. Between his approval of this series and what I heard with the T-50, it looks like Polk has the right engineers on the job to pull Polk back into the limelight. I'm excited to be a dealer for them and hope this is a line I can really sell.
    txcoastal1 wrote: »
    dromunds wrote: »
    I bet these babies punch way above their price point.

    Russman stated "I wouldn't consider these entry level speakers"...."They perform way above the price"...."prefer the sound over the RtiA"

    For those who do not know who Russman is, he used to work the major shows for Polk

    Russman = good enough opinion for me. I'll buy them without a demo. They are certainly priced right and should be an upgrade to some LS-50's I have in a game room system (not my HT, that's for big boy speakers).
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    Wow, I have to say, I really like the new look. More curious to hear how they sound now after reading of Russman's impression.

    The design looks very clean and modern to me. I like the rounded edges on the chunky rectangular design. Love the new drivers and black bezel. Pleasing. Sturdy. Tasteful. Not cheesy or gimmicky. I like this much better than previous designs.

    Really looking forward to hearing the sound quality reviews.
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  • D2LoD2Lo Posts: 353
    Congrats on the new series. I am thrilled to see that Polk has finally gotten serious about marketing.

    Love the "American HiFi" slogan.

    Glad you are digging the American HiFi. I just got off the stage for the press conference explaining where that came from. I'll post my presentation from the press conference later tonight. Check out these coasters we are using at the event. For those of you that come by ill have some set aside for you if you want them.

  • "For those of you that come by ill" :o
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    I'll pass on these. I do not like the way they look. I was expecting different especially with the Signature thing happening here. I expected a new reference level Signature model. These just fall in line between the lower end stuff.
    I'm sure they are nice and probably sound good especially for the asking prices but not where I would like them to be.
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    D2Lo wrote: »
    Congrats on the new series. I am thrilled to see that Polk has finally gotten serious about marketing.

    Love the "American HiFi" slogan.

    Glad you are digging the American HiFi. I just got off the stage for the press conference explaining where that came from. I'll post my presentation from the press conference later tonight. Check out these coasters we are using at the event. For those of you that come by ill have some set aside for you if you want them.


    I need a set of those coasters. I'll buy them if possible.

    The skinny center is very interesting. I wonder if it's more of a great center for a living room system with no expectations, or if it could hold its own in a semi- serious home theater rig...
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    Yeah I would purchase a set of coasters hook us up Skip! I suppose Best Buy might stock them around here if so I will have to check them out. I'm sure they will trump the T series, can't see them besting the RTIA series though.
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    Amazon has pre-order dates listed now. S35 Center appears to be available on September 19 along with the S55 floorstanders. The remainder have a release date on Amazon of November 1:


    I may buy an S35 just because I'm not aware of another center speaker quite like it.
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    Some initial thoughts from me on the new line.

    They look real sharp! I like! Looking forward to hearing a demo. (Hint hint, i'm in Baltimore)

    Some things I'd like to see based on what I currently have (RT800 mains, CS400 center, FX500 surrounds and RT35 rear centers...my sub is an SVS PC-Ultra).

    Would like to see a larger center with dual 6 1/2" drivers and the tweeter. The fullness of my CS400 is tough to match. How about a set of Bipole/Dipole surrounds?

    Nice job on these Polk!
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  • I think they look alright. Much better than the monitor, tsi, and Tsx. I may have to get a pair to try in the family room.
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    I can't imagine Polk building the bi/di pole switchable speakers like they used to given the direction of the industry to object based surround formats.
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    DSkip wrote: »
    I'll post up a review soon. Heading home from the press conference and leaving with some solid thoughts on these, as well as the magnifi mini and the overall vibe of Polk as a company.

    Looking forward to it.
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    They look nice. The slim centers seem to be a good idea, as people have become accustomed to sound bars. The centers most of us here use can be very hard to place for a lot of folks. I don't even have to listen to them to know that they'll sound great to 90% of the population.
  • Joey_VJoey_V Posts: 7,418
    Joey_V wrote: »
    Something about the base looks a little discongruent with the rest of the tower design.

    In laymen's terms, is discongruent the same as discombobulated?
    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Joey_V wrote: »
    Something about the base looks a little discongruent with the rest of the tower design.

    In laymen's terms, is discongruent the same as discombobulated?

    not in my dictionary
    ^^^ opposite of congruent :#

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    D2Lo wrote: »
    ... Check out these coasters we are using at the event. For those of you that come by ill have some set aside for you if you want them.


    Great idea, 'cause when you are entertaining someone is always bound to what to sit a drink on top of the towers.

    I'd like to get a few of those. Any thoughts on making some Polk logo merchandise available for purchase (ie shirts, jackets, hats, coasters)? Or even upgrade accessories like spikes, jumpers, cables)?

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    Good thing the tops of my towers have glass! I want some of those coasters. They would suit my basement them... Speakers!
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  • aprazer402aprazer402 Posts: 1,988
    edited September 2016
    I like them. Salute to the Polk Audio research, design, production and marketing teams. I'll have to mosey on down the street to Nebraska Furniture Mart and check them out.
  • jawhogjawhog Posts: 444
    I've been shopping for something new but will now wait to see and hear these. Didn't catch the news on these until today. The only new Polk product I've purchased in the last 5 years or more are some blackstone tl3's which I like a lot. This new line definitely has me excited to check them out. The creative and accommodating outer dimensions and the overall look seem to have real potential to be a winner.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 91
    edited September 2016
    how about this;
    Real American HiFi without having to ReFi.
  • I would think the term "Signature" with any brand would rate that said series as the company's absolute Best??? While I think they look okay, I am definitely not thinking I would purchase this line. It looks more like the affordable speakers for the college kids, and still okay to me. Was kinda hoping for something even higher end then the Lsim line?????????
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  • halohalo Posts: 5,575
    Are there going to be Atmos speakers in this line at some point? I'm not a big surround sound guy myself but many people are into it more than stereo reproduction.

    Someone asked if these are comparable to the UniFi series & I would say no just based on the price. The UB5 is $499 & the Polk 6 1/2" Signature Series bookies are about 1/2 that. Plus, the Polk bookies have a rated frequency response down to 40 Hz but the UB5 lack the ability to produce any serious levels of bass response. The fit and finish on these Signature Series speakers looks great whereas the ELAC speakers are wrapped in the cheapest and most easily damageable brushed vinyl. Without hearing them side by side, I can say that the ELAC speakers are remarkable in their reproduction of mids and highs.

    I look forward to this new series from Polk Audio & it sounds like they're moving in the right direction. That's good because, to me, the RTi6 was a big let down in my bedroom set up.
  • ^^^^ how about an optional planter?
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,941
    It's too bad a bipole/dipole surround won't be offered. I understand it's not a good seller, but the tapered sides make it one of the only shapes that would work for me in a narrow room with low ceilings. I currently have Boston Acoustics in my HT and their bipole/dipole surrounds are shaped perfectly - I'll say a little less than semi-circular. Makes bumping your head on them much less frequent, and if by chance you do, it's not a sharp edge!

    I do like the looks of these. Yes, they're not for everyone, but neither is the LSiM series, or the SDAs... I agree with Skip that these will appeal to a much larger market, and from the sounds of things (pun intended) can get you into some NICE sounding HT speakers without breaking the bank.

    When's the next F&F sale? ;) I'd be a definite buyer of a 7 channel setup!!

    Nice work D2LO and Polk!
  • D2LoD2Lo Posts: 353
    edited September 2016
    Thanks fellas, glad some of you are into it.... Skip, I'm sorry I got the time wrong on the press conference. That is why I'm the design guy :-) Not so good with the life details sometimes, good thing the team here keeps me at the right place in the right time.

    I thought I'd share my deck that explains the design inspiration for those of you that couldn't make it.


    The three main things we were focused on when we designed these were:

    1) our heritage
    2) musical instruments
    3) mid-century American furniture design


    One of the first places I dug into were our archives, not just of products, but also our old print ads. The ad for the RTA12B stuck out for me. "Looks like a $1500 speaker, sounds like a $1500 speakers, costs $500". Matthew was always about "Incredible sound at an affordable price". I'm proud to say with this series we were able to take our signature patented technologies down to price points where they've never been before, while improving them. By moving the power port to the bottom like LSiM we get better performance and easier placement. We also wanted to nod to the signature sound that Matt wanted, mid forward. His goal wast to bring a concert into your home, and that unique sound is American HiFi to us.

  • D2LoD2Lo Posts: 353

    On that live performance inspired sound, we started looking at a lot of guitars. The way the grain wraps around the body of the guitar is what inspired the large rounded corners and the way the grain seamlessly flows around the Signature series. The grace of the guitar has a gloss pick guard which inspired the high gloss trim panel that surrounds the drivers. The exposed fasteners are inspired by the tuning hardware on the neck, and the trim panel has subtle grooves that evoke a fret board. We wanted this to be an instrument.

  • D2LoD2Lo Posts: 353

    Lastly, it has to fit in with your home. In the spirit of American HiFi, we started researching American furniture design from the mid-century modern movement. One piece that stood out was of course the iconic Eames sound chair. It is timelessly modern while still feeling highly crafted. In digging through archival images of that chair I found this image of Frank Sinatra relaxing in his Palm Springs home in the chair.


    That kind of timeless American modern feeling is what we were going for with this design. Polk's are in roughly 10% of all American homes and we are proud of the fact that we bring music and movies to life for so many people.arh3sah93yza.jpg

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