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    Greeting’s Halo, I have a question for you sir – joined this forum just to ask it, and find myself in the same situation as you back in July of 2018. I have been looking at the LSIM 705’s for the last 2-3 months since they went on sale half off. I have been reading threads all over different places from when they first came on the market, as well as probably all you-tube videos available. I find that most people find these “warm”, “dark”, or they try to play them up and refer to them as “balanced”, maybe they say that because it’s not more treble or bass pronounced sounding, for instance Klipsch known for the brightness. After looking at these, and all the things surrounding them for instance, break in period, warm – dark “not my preference”, so called mismatched crossovers?, need to turn them up to shine, need lots of power – low sensitivity 89db, there seem to be more cons than pros, which leads me into the second part, so I started looking at the signature series s60’s. Now of course they are two very different speakers, but I have the s35 center, and 2 HTS 10 Subwoofers, I prefer listening to music that has Drums, Brass, like Steely Dan, and Chicago to name a few, I watch TV as well with the surround and don’t want to have to turn these things up just to hear them, not to mention night time listening. At the price that these are at, the market opens up to speakers like SVS Prime-Pinnacle-Speaker- the only problem with buying a different brand is people say your center will be off “tembre” – did I spell that right. Anyways from your last threads the 705’s were in their break-in period, are they really all that or not so much – S60’s right out of the box were fine, and I think the sensitivity is 90-91, currently I have a pair of the Polk Studio Monitor 12 series II, an Pioneer AVR VSX-53 100X7, that is Bi-amped with an Onkyo M504 165X2 @8ohm, what are your thoughts sir or anyone that matter. I was also going to upgrade the surrounds to the S20, but someone suggested not to, use the S10’s they won’t be so over powering?
    November 12

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