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  • gp4jesus
    Several “Qs” concerning 5 & 7 channel setups, specifically sides & rears in a 20 X 20 room w/10’ ceiling. Early planning planning stages. I know setup is key. It separates great from merely good**.
    * moving & expanding existing 5 ch system in late 2020 or early 2021
    **if everything else were the same

    I can see from this thread you're knowledgeable about Atmos. But you seem well versed on recent (UHD) simpler systems, too.

    Sides & rear tweeters in relation to the “Hot Seat” pointed* directly at same:
    Preferred height ~24” for all?
    Sides - directly to sides of couch ~8’ away
    Rears - form a 60 degree angle on the HS measuring ~ 6.5’ from same
    * wall mounts that allow a lot of up/down/left/right adjustment.

    Thx in advance for answering my questions, Tony
    August 26
    • mantis
      Hi Tony,
      Your side surrounds I do not agree with Atmos spec's. They want your surrounds at basically 42 inches to the tweeter 90 degrees off to the sides. This is WRONG. I don't care what the engineers say it doesn't sound right to me especially when your watching a NON Atmos soundtrack. Atmos tries to use a Matrix technology to fool you into the sound coming from a higher point. IT doesn't work at all. I hate it. Place you surrounds at 72 inches to the tweeter on the side walls of your seating.
      Surround back should be placed also at 72 inches to the tweeter and about 4 feet apart. You can go slightly wider like 1/4 of your rooms width for each placed surround back channel. I don't care for the placement but you can get that to work.
      You do not need up and down wall placement adjustment.

      Not sure what your question is about UHD or 4k or video for that matter. Let me know if I can help further. Have fun man.

    • ericerik
      call me an old fuddy-duddy.. but i sure hope the manufactures of surround sound equipment dont market much more than a 7.1 (8 speakers) home theater. my yamaha 5.1 does the trick for me. anymore speakers and i will have to find a wall to hang the Mona Lisa.

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