Magnifi Max SR Subwoofer Crackling

Tommy_BTommy_B Posts: 3
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Had the Magnifi Max SR for around a month and from day one the wireless subwoofer has a constant low crackling sound. Supplier suggested updating to latest software (79) using google home app. No difference. Tried using hdmi arc and optical. No difference. Tried plugging into different power sockets (even in different rooms). No difference. My supplier has now said that Polk are aware of the problem and should fix it at sometime in the future with a new software update but don't know when?! This has become such a problem I have just unplugged the sub. A real shame because the sound is great from this system. If this ain't fixed soon I'll be returning it.
Any ideas?
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  • kiminkimin Posts: 9
    I have a same problem.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 106
    How can you see which software is on, or updated to the soundbar?
  • Tommy_BTommy_B Posts: 3
    It was on the latest software / firmware (79). I was told there was going to be another update to fix the problem but couldn't give me a date for when it was going to be released. Couldn't wait around so it's been sent back for a refund. Real shame because it had great potential. I'll be steering clear of Polk from now on. Anyone got any ideas / recommendations for an alternative? Currently looking at Yamaha YSP 2700, Yamaha YSP 5600, Bose Soundtouch 300 and JBL Bar 5.1 (can't be bothered with wires everywhere).
  • kiminkimin Posts: 9
    Firmware version is 79. I'm thinking a refund it too.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 106
    ...and how do you see what firmware version is on your soundbar?
  • Hello @Tommy_B , I can look into the firmware version having an issue. That doesn't seem right. I'll ask the brand manager, he will have a more reliable answer.

    Also, is the subwoofer near a wireless router?
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,691
    I've directed this thread to Polk's attention.
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    Wireless router is in a different room.. i can try to turn it off.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 106
    Turns out my Google Home app was half baked, so it was showing the soundbar as a device, but unable to see settings or details. Deleted the soundbar and re-paired it. I'm on version 79 in case anyone gas.
  • 2hyped122hyped12 Posts: 5
    Having same issue with subwoofer as mentioned above. Popping, crackling, etc. This is my second unit. I returned first one (magifi max without surrounds) due to the same problems so I know it wasn't just a detective unit. I would take it back again for a refund but unfortunately I bought the wireless surrounds separately and I can't get a refund from here I got them. What is Polk going to do about this? I dropped 600+ dollars for these components and the subwoofer is basically useless. Not happy
  • kiminkimin Posts: 9
    I think Polk is quite unknown brand in Europe and this kind of problems will damages the reputation. I really hope that Polk can solve this problem.
  • Tommy_BTommy_B Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response Ken. I unplugged the router and still had the same problem. Unfortunately I have now returned the system to my supplier and purchased a different system. Really hope this issue gets resolved quickly for other customers. It's a shame because the Magnifi Max SR has real potential. Good luck.
  • 2hyped122hyped12 Posts: 5
    @KennethSwauger Any word of a fix on the horizon for this crackling subwoofer problem? Are the engineers at least aware of it? I tried unplugging my router and the problem remains. Please let us know ASAP. Thanks
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,691
    Let me see if I can find out some information.
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  • justinblake88justinblake88 Posts: 4
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    @KenCustomerService Same issues here. Loud popping and chirping sounds coming out of the rear speakers. I downloaded the latest firmware and I also bought a power conditioner. Im still having the issues. Is it that my wireless router might be interfering? I guess I can try and figure out how to set it to a 5GHz frequency from 2.4GHz. What frequency are the rear speakers/subwoofer operating at to connect to the soundbar?
  • RosaskiRosaski Posts: 17
    Seems like a power issue
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,691
    I might be able to help, I've sent you a PM.
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  • andypitandypit Posts: 2
    Hi Kenneth/Ken. Among sound bars with wireless surround speakers, I prefer the features and sound (I heard it at a local Fry's store) of the Polk Magnifi Max SR. However, I'm reluctant to buy it given comments on the Polk support threads and reviews on various Websites, may claiming surround sound speaker and subwoofer issues. That, coupled with the fact that the Max SR isn't available to order on the Polk site, is out of stock at Crutchfield, etc., really worries me (I'm wondering if Polk is discontinuing or withholding new orders until issues are resolved). BUT, if the issue has been solved then I'll purchase it through Fry's or Amazon (both of which have it in stock). Your guidance is appreciated.
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,691
    The large majority of Max SR owners have no problems with the surrounds and subwoofer making occassional noises and enjoy the sound and performance completely. In some environments there can be interference between other wireless devices which result in popping sounds coming from the surrounds and the subwoofer. The good news is that Polk is going to be able to solve this problem via a firmware update which they are in beta testing. Anyone who is experiencing this kind of problem can contact me via PM and I will work with Polk to solve the issue.
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  • andypitandypit Posts: 2
    Thank you Kenneth. Is there an estimated general availability date for that firmware update?
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 7,691
    The update is in the testing phase, so depending upon the results of the tests it should be available quite soon.
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  • lhoekengalhoekenga Posts: 3
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    I have random popping from the sub and chirping from the surrounds. FW79
  • henningehenninge Posts: 52
    Whole you are testing, can you test caring audio from a variety of apps and phones? See below:

    Having issues with casting and it playing, or skipping during playback. I can play from my phone via Bluetooth, but casting sucks from my phone to the Max SR using GPM. Skips, pauses, freezing.
  • Themouse4Themouse4 Posts: 1
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    Same problem here only had had 2 months. I’ve even put the wireless routers into every available channel to avoid interference with no luck. Unfortunately there is no information on what frequency the Polk wireless transmits at which would be very helpful to avoid said fake interference. Any idea when the firmware is available I’m ready to pack this in man talk about 6 bills down the drain
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  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 106

    A few weeks ago, Polk asked me if I'd give their beta v85 a try.

    (I don't think I signed an NDA- ah joke)

    There were three of us that had the new software pushed onto their MagnifiMaxSR.

    After three weeks of regular use, I've told Polk that there is a significant improvement in overall performance. NOTE: I had never experienced any sub problem with connection or irregular performance.

    The harsh momentary burst of "chirp" (of the rear) has been eliminated. The faint pop in one or both (sometimes alternating) rear speakers has been dramatically reduced. Occasionally, I hear what sounds like a distant firecracker, but nowhere near as bad as it had been. There is still some room for improvement with the pop in the rear.

    What I've come to feel about this whole issue is, that it is NOT an issue of transmitting signal from bar to remote speaker, but is related to some anomaly in the actual content or source of the content.

    Example 1: After v85, watching a program on cable (xfinity xg1v4 box) there was a bright open caption and the rears gave the faint pop. I replayed the scene and it popped again at the same place. I have my devices connected to the Sony and then the ARC from the TV to the soundbar. I re-routed the cable box right to the soundbar, played the same scene and it popped that way too.

    Example 2: After v85, while playing live "Homeland," which had no issues, all was fine until the credits. When they put the corner box of what's on next week, the rears started chirping quite a bit. Many short bursts. The oddity here is the program is in DD, yet when they play the next week clip, the audio from that material is almost inaudible. My feeling is that next week clip is in 2 channel, and somehow that is **** up the 5.1 the show is transmitted in. This 2-ch over 5.1 could be one of the things triggering the remaining infrequent chirp.

    MagnifiMax SR Performance After Update v85

    I received the MaxSR just after Christmas and have been using it regularly since. My TV is the Sony 75Z9D, and I use the ARC from the TV to the soundbar.

    My cable provider (xfinity) installed their newest XG1v4 4K box when I got the TV mid 2017. I use the inputs on the TV for cable, Roku 4K device and Bluray player. The soundbar receives those devices through the (HDMI Out/TV) ARC input. Two other devices are hooked up to the soundbar, a Sony 4K player in HDMI1, and the Optical In from the Roku, so I can play Roku music channels without powering on the TV.

    After making mention of the pops in the rear speakers (which I've described as sounding like distant fireworks) and a loud digital chirp, that lasts only a fraction of a second (also from the rear speakers,) I was contacted to beta test the version 85 software.

    First off, the elimination of the digital chirp has been significantly improved. The faint pops, also less frequent, still seems to be an issue,

    Before the update, the chirp occurred nightly for one broadcast I watch. ABC World News, a network half-hour program which is carried on my local ABC affiliate, chirped loudly, several times during the broadcast. Since the update, that is no longer a problem on that program. It had to be a problem with the way the program was being transmitted out of New York and received here in Palm Beach, by my local station.

    When watching "Homeland" live, this past Sunday, the show played with no audio issue, but then during the closing credits, when they run a preview of the next episode (in a small corner box over credits) the rear speakers chirped several times. The show is 5.1 DD, and the preview at the end is in 2 channel stereo.

    All my cables are certified 18Gbps, new when I got the TV last year. I switched the ARC cable when the audio problem became regular. There was no difference with a changed cable.

    Apps like Netflix and Prime, both 4K sources from the Sony TV, (also on the ARC cable) play without chirps, but do have occasional rear channel popping.

    Overall, the v85 is a major improvement in solving the issues. If I experience an occasional, faint, single pop, I feel it's something I could live with. Maybe other people's comments might steer you closer to completely eliminate these glitches.
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    btw: the **** above is from the word "$¢rewing" and not what you were thinking. :)
  • MarioXMarioX Posts: 11
    My sub sizzles all the time. The easiest way to hear that is playing some dialogs with minimum volume level. Waiting for software update but to be honest I suspect it is rather hardware issue (hope not).
  • dangishdangish Posts: 23
    My SRs and Sub are popping and making static sounds. 79 is my firmware version. Not to mention I’m getting crap from my wife for “spending $600 on that thing that doesn’t work.” No router/interference near mine. Issue a stop sell/recall and refund us. Yes I agreed to pay $600. You also agreed to have a working product.
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