Magnifi Max SR Subwoofer Crackling



  • Sergag57
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    Hi all, just a question about country, your magnifi bar model are European or American. Mine new American from yesterday and seem fine for now, I’m on Canada.
  • rpeatt
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    Come on Polk this is ridiculous...
  • LeeSoFL
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    rpeatt wrote: »
    Come on Polk this is ridiculous...
    What version of software (if you're able to see it on the GH app) do you have on your MaxSR?

  • mlistens03
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    rpeatt wrote: »
    Come on Polk this is ridiculous...

    They are doing their best to fix it.
  • rpeatt
    rpeatt Posts: 6
    mlistens03 wrote: »
    rpeatt wrote: »
    Come on Polk this is ridiculous...

    They are doing their best to fix it.

    V91. As far as I can tell they haven’t even acknowledged it.

  • henninge
    henninge Posts: 52
    It's completely unusable, and quite frankly unacceptable.
  • My surround speakers make random noises and the subwoofer as well. Wish I’d read all these comments before purchasing. 6-8 weeks old.
    Polk, what do you say should be done? Is a software fix coming to correct this or do I return for a refund. My dog is freaking out! Never any warning this is going to happen.
  • Clipdat
    Clipdat Posts: 9,546
    Return it for a refund. Random/unexpected noises from a stereo/electronics are unacceptable, imo.
  • dangish
    dangish Posts: 23
    Can't return it to retailer after 14 days. They need to issue an RMA. Have us fill out a form and send us a return label or two. Or take them to UPS. Or recall them where we can go to BestBuy or wherever we purchased them for a full refund/store credit.
  • dangish
    dangish Posts: 23
    Next step is a class action lawsuit
  • Clipdat
    Clipdat Posts: 9,546
    Feel like making some lawyers rich?
    dangish wrote: »
    Next step is a class action lawsuit

  • Any idea why my Max’s sub plays at 20% it’s potential..? Even when maxed everything else sounds good and the sub increases along but still at only 20%. Thanks in advance.
  • albertrjr - I’m having the same issues since updating firmware to version 103. If you link to my last post below you will see my comments >

  • EricES
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    edited November 2018
    From my experience. This soundbar system is great. In my opinion crackling and popping its not related to hardware and firmware. Its related to source. I bought it and I did not update firmware. For one week I was using system with very basic LG UBK80 Not problems at all. Audio was limited to 48Hz and everything was working perfectly. Soonest i plugged in Sony UBP-X800 i had problem similar to the others. It is source problem not Polk Audio. Actually setting up source properly according to technical data on soundbar.
  • My surrounds pop and crackle. Those pops and crackles are tied to tv show content, not interference from other devices. Performance has improved over the last few months, but it is still a problem and still very annoying.
  • Same problem here...for awhile subwoofer wouldn’t even work at all without a daily power cycle, now I just have to deal with the irritating crackle that is present no matter the input source (streaming, Bluetooth music, tv content) pretty terrible for such a great sounding system (when you turn it up loud enough to not have to listen to the constant crackles and pops)
  • Got the noises in the Rear Speakers fixed by having the system running on 5Ghz wifi.
    Luckely in my Router I can set different names for the 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi.
    The subwoofer still makes a popping cracking sound but way less and rather low volume. Maybe helps
  • Adampo
    Adampo Posts: 2
    Henning75 popping still occurring, despite the firmware update?
  • Has this issue ever been fixed? I just got this bar and my sub is also making the noises.
  • $500 and it crackles, too late for return to. what giveS?
  • Was looking at my firmware for Magnifi Max, says it's now on fw v115, which I believe was released in Jan of 2020. I assume there were several fw versions or attempts to fix this little snap, crackle pop issue if this started back at v85. Surprised they still haven't solved it or said anything. I mean, if it was $6 or $60, maybe you could ignore it, but for $600 you'd expect a bit of attention.
  • LeeSoFL
    LeeSoFL Posts: 107
    Honestly, my first and last Polk product. Was among the first owners, so I had a chance to work with their engineers, but then the bar settled down, and they've obviously moved on to produce more mediocre products. The bar has no intuitive logic when it comes to determining the source. On HBO/Showtime, the programs sound fine, but the previews and teases are lost in M&E, no dialogue can be heard. Constantly having to switch the cable box/source, (before the bar) our of 5.1 and into Stereo for voice/dialogue. Just awful.
  • Damian91
    Damian91 Posts: 2
    Hello, I bought Polk Magnifi Max yesterday and my subwoofer makes the noise that you all mentioned..
    Software version 115 according to Google Home.
    Anyone knows if Polk is still trying to figure it out or if they are not working at it anymore?
    If they are working - when the New software Will be released?
    I am also wondering if it is a software or hardware issue?
  • AlekseyYa
    AlekseyYa Posts: 1
    Hello! I have bought my polk magnifi max and the same issue with crackles and noises from sub. Especially when I put it on pause. Are there anybody who had the same and can resolve the issue?
  • quethrosar
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    ok i think i may have fixed my crackling. i had the sub on the right side of my tv, on the right side I also have my orbi ax router, Nintendo switch, Xbox, power strips, Philips hue.

    i moved the sub to the left side of the tv without so much stuff, I have my echo and a NVR system there, but it's higher up.

    so far no crackling and it's been 1 week or more. it was very bad before on other side of tv.
  • June 2020. Polk MagnifiMax. I have moved the unit from side to side, room to room and floor to floor and have the same consistent crackling noise in the sub. I have been frustratingly going back and forth with Polk on this same issue since January 2020. They are absolutely no help and deny that the problem is poor craftsmanship. Has anyone seen resolution on the crackling subwoofer problem...or has everyone accepted the lesson learned that buying the Polk MagnifiMax was a costly mistake and moved forward with their lives? Why do they not take it off the shelves since this is a two-year-old problem?
  • Since I bought this soundbar system in January 2020, the sub has emitted a low pop, intermittently, even when the TV is off. I would love to learn if anything has helped anyone else.
  • I want to keep this thread alive because I am having the same trouble with one I just purchased. It looks like Bestbuy has pulled it from the shelves and only offer the Magnifi Mini now, which I believe has a different sub. I have Firmware version 132 installed so it's the latest.
  • After many attempts to work with tech support on the issue, I gave up and sold the max without the sub. It's a decent soundbar alone. Now I have an 11 pound boat anchor that nobody wants. It's a shame and I'm very disappointed in Polk Audio. I got a Bose Soundbar 500 and it's phenomenal.
  • patelk05
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    edited February 13
    I bought the magnifi max with the SR speakers and noticed the crackling and popping only happened when I played content through my Roku. I have not had a issue with my AT&T device which is basically runs android OS which is only setup for the AT&T app. Going back to the issue with the Roku, I googled it and found the following solution which appears to be working so far for me: go to settings -> audio -> audio mode and change from "auto" to "stereo". Here is a link:
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