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    Ha! That looks like a parking lot!
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    These photos show how the record storage finally turned out, the area behind the listening area are six shorter record cabinets.3c27oa5omv35.jpg

    Very nice room!

    Is it just an optical illusion, or does the ceiling slope up towards the speakers?

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    Thanks, the ceilings are all the same height.
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    Ken, the room looks great, however I think you might need a few more records.
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    You and your wife have done a great design and decorating job on that "audio" space.

    I meant to ask you this when I first saw the Shoji screens at the end of the room. Is that an end wall the screens are covering? And what is behind regarding the lighting?

    Did the Ikea shelves come with the legs or did you put metal legs on the Ikea shelves?

    You mentioned Baltimore; what city/state do you live now, if I may ask?

    Glad you remain a dedicated member of this forum!

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    That R2R on top of the record cabinet looks like a female robot head.
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    mmm -- looks like a Tandberg 64 to me ;)
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    "I meant to ask you this when I first saw the Shoji screens at the end of the room. Is that an end wall the screens are covering? And what is behind regarding the lighting?"
    Hi Harry,
    The previous owner maintained an office in the basement and built the screens as part of the design. There are four flood lamps, two on each side, behind it attached to a rheostat. There is a 2' space to a solid wall behind with a pocket door to another room. In the between space are shelves on either side, I keep some spare audio components and a complete collection of Audio Amateur and Glass Audio magazines. On the other side of the pocket door I have the air compressor and record cleaning stuff set up and model train.

    "Did the Ikea shelves come with the legs or did you put metal legs on the Ikea shelves?"

    We sourced some nice metal legs from Amazon.

    "You mentioned Baltimore; what city/state do you live now, if I may ask?"

    We moved to Hagerstown, MD. and really like the town and people. I'm originally from Cumberland, MD. (about an hour west) and at the time my mother was still there. We picked it because it was partway between there and Baltimore and have found it to be very agreeable. My wife is active in the local art museum and there are some really good restaurants (hopefully soon to be reopened).

    The Tandberg 64 is correct, Mark.
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    Viking64 is ALWAYS correct, Mark.

    He knows this. He just hates to admit it. :p
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    I knew he was holding out....
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    AlmaGarcia wrote: »

    EDIT: I know the collection is a vinyl collection. I just wanted to comment on his reel-to-reel as well. Editing before all you audiophiles pounce on me.

    Just stay away from Russ. He likes to pounce and has yet to be house-broken or potty trained.
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »

    Yay. :/

    We've been seeing this one twice a day for three or four days now. Don't like seein' 'em in the daytime. They're not supposed to be out in the daytime... but this one does not seem to be sick (i.e., rabid -- sheesh, did I really type rabbit, or did Autocorrect see me comin'? :| ). Seems to be feeding; maybe supporting a brood?

    Most likely, yeah. Probably has a litter.

    They are good to have around. We had one, before it got hit by a car, that was hanging around. Would walk right past me if I was grilling around dusk. They really don't care about you if they don't perceive you as a threat.

    But last year we did have one that would trot around in the later afternoon and then about a month after we started seeing it out during daylight hours, she was walking around with 3 babies following her. They are good to have around. They keep the moles away and bugs down. We've had mole and tick problems this year since our skunk got pasted on the road.

    Raccoons will do the same this time of year. We had a raccoon in the oak tree next to the driveway. About a week ago now she drug two cubs down and they went off somewhere else, haven't seen them since.

    I also keep scaring a couple fawns. One hides in the lilac bushes during the day, the other one hangs out behind the massive brush pile. I've scared the bejesus out of them at least a dozen times now.

    Oh and mama Canada goose has two babies that are big enough to be growing flight feathers now. She had 3 but one just didn't show up one day. Pretty sure one of the snapping turtles got it. Or a coyote.
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    Yep, we are becoming a country of sheep.
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    joecoulson wrote: »
    What a sweet looking pup.

    I see the telescope back there. Gosh I wish I could tone the good seeing nights with good weather and nothing planned. Right @verb ?

    Well I finally had a chance to play with my Celestron 90mm MAK spotting scope! I got the finder dialed in and was out the other night looking at the moon! Super lightweight. Very good for terrestrial viewing too! No spying on the neighbors! :smile:


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    Welcome to the Polk Forum. Nice truck.

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    6.2 or 3.5 litres?
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    Are you sure @Davislasson is a not spammer? Smells like a spammer, links like a spammer....

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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Are you sure @Davislasson is a not spammer? Smells like a spammer, links like a spammer....

    How can you be sure that " "is or isn't.
    Moderator just post up a week ago not to talk about nothing other than speakers or audio gear anything else will be deleted or the person posting spam or anything other than discussing audio speakers or gear may get banned. But I see Nothing has Change over the last 10 or so year on this forum. Moderator went on to say that she didn't have the time or the bandwidth to babysit adults. So play nice fellow members of Polk Audio forum. I just got a email from Sound unlimited who owns Polk Audio from overseas last week Inquiring about info and information. So Big Brother is Monitoring this Forum other than the moderators.
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    Oh yeah!


    I'd trade you FL for AZ anyday!!! Where in FL are you visiting?

    Grayton beach (30A) area.
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