SDA CRS+ With an External Crossover Twist.... :-)

Well I decided to pull out my CRS+'s and finally put in the Jantzen Inductors, and the 16mh Solen Inductor.. The Jantzen's I have had for 2+ years.. :#

Well I have decided to build a new set of stands that will house the crossovers, 16mh inductor, as well as the binding post cup.

I will use the Neutriks to connect them together..

Why am I doing this? ah because I have the means to do so, and it should be a fun project, also I have been wanting to build a set with external crossovers..

I'm thinking the stands will be built out of steel, and the case to house the crossovers will be aluminum lined with dynamat, but will bolt to the stand, this should free up the air space in the cabinet.
I'm not really expecting anything out of this, if there is an improvement, Great!! if not, no big deal, it will still be a fun project...

I will update as I go!!! B)