This joint needs some more vintage hifi



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    Is that the matchbook that came with the deck or did you but it separately
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    You prolly just need a matchbook...


    That type of 'adjustment' can definitely make a difference. The tolerances of fitment for an 8-track are not very tight...such an odd format.
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    'scuse me if this was already posted. crzusttq1n6k.jpg
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    'scuse me if this was already posted. crzusttq1n6k.jpg

    Several times, in different contexts.
    Mostly to illustrate the zenith of decor in early 1960s Britain.
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    One recently refurbished HH Scott 340 with some vintage friends. All electrolytic and film caps were replaced, some resistors. Some cans were stuffed with new caps, others installed in chassis. Selenium rectifier was replaced with diode bridge.

    "Introduced in April 1962, the HH Scott 340 "Stereomaster" tuner-amplifier is rated at 27 watts per channel for a total of 54 watts RMS (advertised at 60 watts output and later 70 watts). The set essentially combines the Scott 350 FM multiplex tuner with the Scott 299C amplifier. It has a total of 20 tubes including four 7591A output tubes and a pair of 5AR4/GZ-34 rectifiers. Advertised price for the 340 was $379.95. The optional case was an additional cost. The set is now often identified as a Scott 340A to distinguish it from the very different 340B."

    It bears some scars but sounds really good. Not sold on the blue LED look. Could be I'm stuck in the past with the #47 bare bulb look. They pulse too. You can't see it with your eye but the camera catches it.

    The Mitsubishi LT5V is in partial disassembly as the auto return stopped functioning. I had replaced the bulbs in tonearm carrier with LED's (with step down resistors to reduce brightness) last year so it could be a photocell issue. It got knocked off the bench by the 340 and now the Scott 399.


    Ooh! one of them there new fangled tuners with the built in multiplexer! That's cutting edge!
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