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    pork wrote: »
    I never played Ravaged before. Looks pretty fun, though, I have heard mixed things about it. If it goes on sale maybe I'll give it a try. Cool video, too.

    Thanks. Everyone I know that plays Ravaged loves it, and the most common question I hear from newbies is, "why don't more people play this game?" That's the worst part about it, is that it's hard to find a server with more than a handful of people playing. It's been on sale a few times and there was a free weekend, and each time the player base grew a little larger, but this game is seriously deserving of a huge following. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and have played just about every damn FPS you can name, starting from Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad, and Ravaged is absolutely one of the best. It reminds me very much of the original Desert Combat mod for BF1942, which still has a decent player base. In fact I'd say Ravaged is a bit better because it's based on the Unreal engine, so on-foot combat feels more natural vs. the old BF1942 engine which was great for vehicular combat but kinda not so great for on-foot combat.

    Anyway, even not on sale, it's only $10. Bargain of the century IMO. It is very heavily skill-based, however. That's the second most common complaint I hear, is that it's too hard. But that's only from the people that aren't any good. The more difficult the weapon is to use, the more damage it does, with the helicopter being the hardest weapon in the game to use. Most people cannot fly it at all. Get in and immediately crash. But if you could fly a heli in Desert Combat, the ones in Ravaged work the same way.

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    After finally beating Batman: Arkham Asylum, I've started Batman: Arkham City.

    I still have some Riddles in AA to find, but I'll get to them eventually (maybe).

    Both great titles for sure.
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    Picked up Rising Storm through Steam. Fun, WW2 shooter. The realism boards are hardcore, which is pretty cool. Nothing like some iron sights shooting.
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    I'm burned out on the Batman games (it took me two years of off-and-on playing to finish Arkham Asylum), so I started Bioshock Infinite a couple of weeks ago. Fun game so far.
    I've heard from others that the Batman AA is so time consuming. They too__ got burned out on it and quit playing it a year ago. I'll check out the reviews on Rising Storm, see if it's able to do split screen two player.
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    The usual Fifa 13 and Age of Empires II. Such a waste of my computer... but I love 'em!
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    World Of Tanks- It's been fun going down the tech tree and building the tank you want. Once more it's a free, just download and create an account.
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    Running with Friends; does that count for this thread? :eek:
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    I don't even play that much anymore. I usually play Black OP 2. My 4 year old son, however. He play Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zaombies. He's pretty good at it too!
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    Based on what you said, I wouldn't believe anything you said.

    If you're going to spam, at least make it believable.
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    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • Gran Turismo 5 and 6 on PS3 never get old. Especially driving around in the Rocket!!
  • Nightfall
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    Children of Morta

    Pretty good Roguelite.
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    Dead Cells was pretty fun.
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    After not playing any video games for a while, I dusted off the xBox 360 and have been playing Forza Motorsport 4. After a week, I'm debating buying an xBox One to play Motorsport 7/ the newest Horizon (8?). Not sure I can justify for two games, though. I'll stick to Forza 4 for now, I'm quite content with it :)
  • voltz
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    I hate to say this but I did play a little Skyrim VR today...but VR changes everything... nothing like getting attack by a dragon or giant that towers over you as you draw back your bow and try to shoot the dragon out of the sky why using a shoot to make him land and then jumping on his head and shoving your sword thru his skull!
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    You'll break a hip doing that Darryl...
  • mlistens03
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    mlistens03 wrote: »
    ...After a week, I'm debating buying an xBox One to play Motorsport 7/ the newest Horizon (8?)...

    Two days ago I remembered that my friend who recently switched to playing PC had an Xbox One. I shot him a text message to see if he still had it. He did, and I gave him $75 for it. Got Forza Horizon 4 installed (which is the newest one, not 8) for $30 on the Microsoft store and have been playing for a few days now. And may I just say... Holy Toledo Batman. The graphics are astounding. The cars actually do what you tell them. I'm lovin' this! :)
  • mantis
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    Star Wars Battle Front II. Since I have been laid off I've been putting in some time on HERO BATTLE. Most of my characters are around level 40
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    War Thunder.
    Finally learning how to fly.
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  • afterburnt
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    I have a couple of those miniature Nintendo systems but they are mostly for looking at. I play Mario once in a while for old times sake.
  • Nightfall
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    Snowrunner. Just came out today. Simulation off road game with licensed trucks and realistic physics. Great game so far.

    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • Irrenhaus
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    Battlefield V for me.
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    Honestly I’ve been playing some PS3 games I never really got around to playing. Doom, Battlefield 3 & 4 (and Bad Company), Max Payne, and I actually realized I have Little Big Planet which is supposed to be great even though it looks like a little kids game lol. I also have been replaying Fallout and Skyrim because I just love them. I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to get a pre-order for the PS5 but from what the guys at EB said there aren’t going to be enough systems to go around at launch to even meet the pre-orders. I’m ok with that, I’ll get a later version as those are usually better anyway. I’m actually having a lot of fun playing the old Doom 1 and 2 games oh and wolfenstein too!

    I honestly think less is truly more sometimes, and back when graphics weren’t necessarily that amazing (at least compared to the latest systems), games had to be interesting to play because you couldn’t just sit there and drool over the graphics. Sure, there are some modern games that really do “have it all”, but some of those old games really are awesome, even now!
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    I still regularly play Atari, NES, SNES, and Genesis. And Gameboy. And GBA. And... Old games are awesome.

    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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  • mrbiron
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    That is some collection. I know who i am contacting when i can convince my wife that her NES needs a new home.

    Her games still have the boxes! :D
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    I just started playing Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour again. There is a digital version that works with Windows 10.
    Looking to find some other PC games like C&C. Any suggestions?
  • Nightfall
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    Check out Age of Empires.
    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

    Village Idiot of Club Polk