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    Good ol' Intellivision!


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    Buying a used PS3 isn't an option because who knows how long before that one gives up the ghost? I like to take care of my stuff and my PS3 is immaculate cosmetically, so I'm leaning to having the repair done on this and having the problematic caps replaced with better quality ones if possible.

    Can't complain really because this console has lasted me well over 10yrs. Probably closer to 12, but if it can be repaired with better parts for longevity, I'm willing to pay for it. I was watching a video earlier this evening and did y'all know that the PS3 was the last game console from Sony that supported CD playback? And on top of that, most manufacturers aren't making CD players anymore either. So for 250.00 it might be worth it for the universal disc playback alone. For awhile there my PS3 was mostly used for playing blu-rays. It's one of the Fat models, but the generation after they removed SACD compatibility. And IIRC it's has an 80GB HD.

    I wish I read this thread months ago. I just found this out the hard way. :D

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    Starfield! On PC and XBox X.

    My Alienware desktop computer is only around 4 years old with an i7 8700K processor and a RTX 2080 graphics card. No way to play this game on an ultrawide monitor except on low graphics settings with that configuration and it still stutters with complex combat, zoom ins, and view distance in cities. Very processor intensive game.
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    It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows my age but...

    I've been playing Minecraft lately, and by lately I mean I started a server January 2023 and it's been running constantly for 9 months. I have 350 hours in the world and have made an abundance of progress along with some massive builds with a lot of friends who joined as well.

    Honestly I always liked Minecraft but man, once you reach endgame, it gets so friggin fun
  • Baldur's Gate 3. Got 80 hours into it so far. Still in Act 1. Don't usually play RPG's and never played D&D, but enjoying this game. Had to install some Nexus mods to make it playable though.
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    Still playing War Thunder on a PC. Switched from arcade to realistic. Mostly air battles.
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  • Any other cs fans out there?
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    Any other cs fans out there?

    I was a CS fanatic 15-20 years ago. Was in a clan and all of that stuff. I stopped maybe 10-12 years ago? Taken it up again recently with the release of CS 2 but I suck. Need to play more but most my gaming time is spent on BG3 at the moment.
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    Currently deep into Counter-Strike, the strategic vibe really hits the spot. Anyone else vibing with CS lately? Share your favorite plays!

    Also, randomly stumbled upon the CS2 market – neat place for gaming finds. No pressure, just thought I'd throw it out there. What games are keeping you occupied these days?
  • I am playing multiples games i can't play a single game whole day so i have divided time for each game. I play Cyberpunk for 4 hours, then Red Dead Redemption 2 for straight 2 hour and i love to listen Zach Bryan Merch while gaming, it just make me lost in the games.