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    I got the 11 for the heir apparent today, but haven't had a chance to try it. I'll get my 11 Pro Max in a couple of weeks. I didn't order immediately, and availability dates started slipping from day one.

    As far as FaceID is concerned, I'd say that it is a little bit disconcerting at first, but I think you'll get used to it. For example, on the 8 Plus, AFAIK, you'd pick up the phone, it would be locked, and you'd position your finger to unlock it. In the case of FaceID, you'll pick up your phone, and it'll automatically unlock almost instantly, and you'll swipe up with your finger to get to the home screen. When you're used to it, I think it will be faster.

    Apps also implement FaceID differently. The best ones will open immediately upon recognition. Others will require you to interact more with the PWD field. Others might even require you tap on a login button etc., but that would have been the same with TouchID, so you're probably familiar with it.

    Another thing worth mentioning with FaceID is that if you go swimming, or your fingers are otherwise temporarily compromised, TouchID would not work. FaceID on the other hand will work, even if you have glasses or sometimes even a hat on (or dirty fingers, obviously) you will usually still be recognized. It's quite impressive IMO.

    There is one setting I would change, and that is to NOT require Attention for FaceID (below the reset option).


    Concerning iCloud backup... let me get back to you for future reference, since I haven't done this since I got the X two years ago, but IIRC, I don't even bother with Mac backup anymore. I just pop in the SIM card, and the phone sets itself up as soon as you sign in with your AppleID. Everything works out of the box, although non-GSM carriers may require you to call them first. All of your photo albums and stuff will not by fully synchronized immediately, but it doesn't take long.
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    I'm really strongly considering getting 2TB of iCloud storage for my mac iPads and the 11 Pro Max.
    I'mm really getting use to the way the phone works. It's amazing how well Apple makes things and you just adjust to them nicely. I keep reaching for the home button as I have had a home button since the original iPhone and I'm so use to pressing it BUT that is starting to go away and being replaced with the swing up. It's no big deal at all and I think I may one day agree with you on face ID is faster then the home button. It's getting there.
    I also gotta tell everyone I LOVE THIS THING. This is probably the first iPhone out of all the previous models which I have had them all almost is the best upgrade ever. It's amazing how good this new model is.
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    Mine came early, loving it so far as well.
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    Grimster74 wrote: »
    Mine came early, loving it so far as well.
    The more you use it the more you'll like it. I'm just about at 2nd nature with it. The home button is fading from me fast.

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    See, I upgraded from the first i-Phone X so I was already use to no home button. At the time when I went from the 7-Plus to the X, didn't take to long to get use to no home button, my wife on the other hand is struggling with having no home button. I upgraded due to the larger screen size and well.... just because I wanted to, LOL!
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    After living with the iPhone Pro 11 Max for a few months now I can honestly say it's the very best iPhone ever.
    My Issue over the years has been I would upgrade to a new iPhone and in about an hour feel like I wasted my time money and efforts. The new models year after year didn't really feel any different then my last model. I had them all since the original iPhone. The worse one was going from the iPhone 7 plus to the X then to the 8 plus. The 7 and 8 felt damn exactly the same. When I got the X I hated it in about 2 hours or less. I hung in there for a few days and then returned it and traded it for the 8 plus as I hated so many things about that phone.
    The 11 Pro Max is another beast, this thing really has not flaws. It's the first time I really felt I got a really nice upgrade over my 8 plus. I loved the 8 plus and skipped the whole X and X Max era of phones as I had no reason at all to change my phone. I almost didn't get the 11 Pro max as I was afraid of hating it like the X. But I would not go back now. This phone is truly amazing.
    The Battery life is stupid. I can't ever seem to see anything under like 65%. I can go days without charging it and it's like a Tesla Regen Braking , it seems to make it's own power LOL. It came with a fast charger for the house and since I owned the phone I have yet to use it LOL. My phone gets a charge when I'm driving as I use Car Play in my Wife's Charger and I use the regular U connect features in my Durango. When I'm at work I drive a Mercedes Benz and I use their USB features for music maps etc.
    They are the only times this damn thing gets charged and every time I check the battery life it's always like 90 something %. This morning as I write this my phone is at 92% and it hasn't been charged since yesterday. Thats crazy right? Can't be happier with the battery, Apple Killed it here.
    If I was asked " Is there anything about the phone you don't like?" Yes there is, I don't really care for the Face ID. Yes it works but something you just want to grab your phone and check something. With the Finger reader on the 8 plus I could just reach over to my phone while it's sitting on a table or something, press the reader and the phone wakes up and I can check something. The face Reader you have to look at it before it works, and I don't care what anyone else say's it feels slower then the finger reader. You have to look at it and then swipe up. The Finger reader would open up on press. I don't like that, I wish if I looked at it it would just open up but it sits and waits for you to swipe up. Small issue I have but I don't like that.
    The Camera system is excellent. I think it's rated the best in the industry vs everything made. I have to agree if thats true. It's at least the very best iPhone camera system I have ever used. The Video is incredible and the pictures are awesome.
    Lastly the screen, the blacks are so inky black it gets me from time to time. Off Axis is amazing and absolutely destroys the LCD screen of years past. I didn't think having a OLED phone would even matter or I would care at all, it's small and the LCD screen are very very good BUT after owning it now for awhile you really get to understand why Apple and so many other phones have gone OLED. It's the very best screen offered today and it's by far a huge step up. It's not a quick compare side by side that really tells the whole story as before I got it, I sat for awhile with my 8 plus and I thought it was so close that the screen quality was not a factory on why I should upgrade BUT after time you really start to realize how damn good this screen is and ever considering going back to LCD is stupid.
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    BDT wrote: »
    Still rockin' the IPhone 6 and will do so until that sucker dies.

    I replaced the battery last year which is tedious but not overly difficult and it runs like new.

    I just can't fathom paying that much for a telephone....I mean at some point I'll have to I suppose but....



    To me not enough difference to get a new phone every year or so.
    IPhone 6 user also.

    Camera quality matters, but we own a few decent digital cameras that look better than any phone camera.

    Lenses by the size limitations in a cell are simply not able to equal a "real" lens. Painfully obvious when viewed on a big TV screen in comparison to a true stand alone camera.
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    This is all true @K_M, but... you will never always have your digital camera with you, and with the newer iPhones such as the X, XS, and 11/11Pro, there are far fewer circumstances where a digital camera will make a difference. It’s basically all about digital zoom limitations vs. optical zoom (the digital camera will have a much higher optical zoom). Also, for low light conditions, the 11 and 11Pro cameras will far outshine many digital cameras, and it’s something the iPhone 6, and even the XS, simply cannot match. It’s literally night and day (shameless pun).

    We all have our budget priorities, but an iPhone 6 is unacceptably long in the tooth IMHO. Only the 6S and SE (or newer) are eligible for iOS 13, so the 6 is now frozen in time. You’ll thank me later! :p
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    Agreed the low light and night time shots are amazing. Loving this phone for everything it does and it does everything very well.
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    For those on a tighter budget, the 11 (not Pro) still has two cameras, and is significantly cheaper than the Pro or Pro Max. It still has advanced photography capabilities, including night photos (at least I think so, but haven’t tested it myself). The screen is excellent too IMO, although not quite as vibrant as the X or 11 Pro.

    Also, a new budget friendly SE is rumored for release in the Spring of 2020, based on the current 8. If the rumors are true, it will only have one camera, but still a big step up for anyone stuck on a 6 or 6S (or even a 7 IMO).
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