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Not long ago, I purchased a pair of Polk Signature S60 speakers and, to be perfectly honest, I was (still am) quite impressed by them. The S60 doesn't do anything "wrong" to my ears.

That said, I recently came across a deal on the LSiM 705 thanks to @Dabutcher that I simply could not pass up. Many veterans on the forum indicated that the LSiM is a substantial upgrade over the Signature Series. While the Signature S60 represents to TOTL in the that series, the LSiM 705 is one down from the TOTL LSiM 707 in that series. However, the LSiM 705 is considered to be the "sweet spot" of the lineup so, I had no reservations in going with the 705 > 707.

Interestingly, I purchased both the S60 and the LSiM 705 without hearing them first. I purchased both pairs of speakers from authorized Polk retailers as well. The LSiM arrived yesterday but I wasn't able to do much aside from getting the massive boxes into our apartment (with some help from UPS and our building super). This morning, before my wife left for work, we were able to unbox one speaker and then she had to head out.

So, what strikes me as the major differences between these two speaker offerings by Polk are that the LSiM is much heavier than the S60. The 705 has a beautiful finish compared to the S60 but the S60 isn't "bad" by any means. The 705 is narrower and not as deep as the S60 but the 705 is taller than the S60. The S60 is far more stable than the 705 due to the feet being outside the sides of the cabinets. The S60 is a "new" design while the 705 is showing its age.

I like the Mt. Vernon Cherry finish as it sort of matches the Cherry finish on my AV rack but the black walnut on the S60 pretty much goes with everything. My wife likes the looks of the 705's. She said that they look "fancy" with the black lacquer on the front and the Cherry wood on the sides, top, and back.

We got the second 705 setup late this evening so I haven't had any time to listen to them (Ah, the joys of apartment living).

As I understand it, the 705's need some time on them before they sound as they are intended to sound so I will just let them play for several days before forming any opinions. I did not notice the need for the S60's to "break in" as they sounded very good right out of the box.

I will report back after the 705's have ~ 50 hours playing time.

Thanks again to @Dabutcher for making me aware of the deal & to @DSkip & @F1nut for their insights on the differences between the Signature Series and the LSiM series. Much appreciated!

I do have some questions regarding the model #'s though. Why was the previous LSi series numbered the way it was with the LSi7, LSi9, LSi15, & LSi25? Why the numbering system for the LSiM at LSiM 703, 705, & 707? Seems erratic to me. The numbering system doesn't exactly roll off of one's tongue either. Any input would be appreciated.


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