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I have a surround sysem using srs 1.2s in the front, 2.3s in the rear and a cs400 for the center. The center just doesn't make it as it only has 2 mid drivers and 1 tweeter and doesn't have the pressenece or sound to balance well with the 1.2s. My thought was that I could but a pair of 1Cs, put them side by side power them with a Mac 2100 running the same signal to each speaker and then put the TV on top. I need to know what kind of shielding issues I will have to deal with and how should I solve those problems. Or is this just a crazy idea?
Thanks, Phil
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    Wouldn't that put the TV a little too high up? Have you considered using either one or two SDA CRS's? I know some members use that set up and report they are happy with the results. As far as sheiding goes, if you don't place it right on top of the TV I think you'll be ok, but one of those guys could help better than me.
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    The 1C's are 44 inches tall. Like F1nut, I'm thinking thats a little too tall. Of course, I don't know what kind of TV you are using.

    I'd try a pair of CRS+'s first.
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