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    Saw that too
    The creator should have left out the other two "I" and it would have been funny while accurate. 👍🤗
    Sal Palooza
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    "Oh, the humanity"
    One of TV's funniest moments.

    meanwhile, in the 21st Century...

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    I laughed so hard at this scene, so hard I spritzed.
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    I am pretty sure that my enjoyment of the turkey drop episode when it originally aired may have been enhanced by [organically-grown] amusement enhancement materials... but, at this late date, I cannot recall with great certainty. :#

    Unlike the (late) subject of this rather serious & formal missive. His amusement was often artifically, and not even always organically, enhanced. :#


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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    "Oh, the humanity"
    One of TV's funniest moments.

    meanwhile, in the 21st Century...


    Add bacon to a veggie burger = amusing. Added bacon more than the veggie burger = I can't afford bacon on a fixed income.
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    Does Microsoft make monitors?
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    BlueFox wrote: »
    Does Microsoft make monitors?

    Good question. ;)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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    Purloined from AK:

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    I took some pictures yesterday of the magnificent male Blue bird only to see after 7 shots, my memory card was not in the camera. :s WTH.

    I did a lot of yard work yesterday and today too. I took some breaks today to rest and had my camera in hand. He never showed up during the breaks. :D

    Then after I was done with all my yard work, I saw him sitting on a branch in that bush/tree where he always sits on different branches overlooking their box.

    He had a bug,. Oh, there's babies chirping in the box now. I saw him take a shell fragment out this morning. I have to eat dinner now. I'll post some more great shots I got this evening after dinner. :p

    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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    I also found out yesterday that Blue birds were hanging around our feeders because of the suet cake. The male was eating suet. :o It also took some suet to the box. So I hung a new suet cake in a new hanging basket that is 100% easier for them to eat from.

    I got some great shots of him on our normal suet basket that is under a tray. It's hard for big birds to get to that suet.

    Well, here he is again; :)
    I think he was looking back at me in a lot of these shots. :p











    He sat on the powerline some after I cut the grass looking down for bugs. I was pretty close but the camera just wanted to focus on the background instead. You can still see his brilliant blue though.

    There is another pair of Blue birds 2 doors down and across the street at Tony the master F150 mechanic's house in a bird house he just put up. His pair hunts in his and his neighbors HUGE yards mostly. Seeing the Blue males fly through the air is a real joy.



    Now for some sad news about our Blue bird pair.
    There was a dead baby bird on the drive way yesterday morning. It was 6' out from the bird house. The baby bird with 99% certainty came from the Blue bird house. It was probably pushed out due to it's BIG belly. It probably couldn't **** and was sickly.

    It has been a joy seeing this pair getting used to us co-existing so close. I walk under the bird house all the time. I play music right behind them for hours almost every day. Some rock, some easy listening. Our wind chimes clang every other day. Mostly gentle chiming. If it's windy, we'll tape the chimes silent.

    Can't wait to see the parent birds feeding the little ones suet and bugs out in our yard soon. :)

    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.