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    daddyjt wrote: »

    Looks like the crew that scraped the popcorn ceiling off my great room in the last
    house. High ceilings. I saw stuff that was truly a wtf moment.

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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.

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    I got my car back yesterday. They only painted above the pin-stripes. They tried to buff the lower section to help it match the new paint. They also fixed my damaged front bumper and painted the whole front end.

    I like it. ;)

    The 2 man team did pretty good. He somehow forgot to paint my spoiler that was put in the trunk by the business owner himself. We both popped it off before I left.

    It's been a couple years since I felt like washing it. :#

    They did such a great job we're having my wife's car repainted next week.

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    I remember that well.
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    Saw that too
    The creator should have left out the other two "I" and it would have been funny while accurate. 👍🤗
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    "Oh, the humanity"
    One of TV's funniest moments.

    meanwhile, in the 21st Century...

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    I laughed so hard at this scene, so hard I spritzed.
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    I am pretty sure that my enjoyment of the turkey drop episode when it originally aired may have been enhanced by [organically-grown] amusement enhancement materials... but, at this late date, I cannot recall with great certainty. :#

    Unlike the (late) subject of this rather serious & formal missive. His amusement was often artifically, and not even always organically, enhanced. :#


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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    "Oh, the humanity"
    One of TV's funniest moments.

    meanwhile, in the 21st Century...


    Add bacon to a veggie burger = amusing. Added bacon more than the veggie burger = I can't afford bacon on a fixed income.