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    This is a “new” album from the “old” electronic group The KLF. I will tell you I’ve not had a more immersive SDA experience in a long time. Epic! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and not really what I listen to on the daily but their imaginative mixes and experiments back in the day were always a personal favorite.

    This is a reworked version of their classic album Chill Out that follows an imaginary trip from Brooklyn to Mexico City. It felt like it was remixed specifically for SDA! Almost constantly there are sounds and audible “objects” all around if you listen with your eyes closed. The steel guitar samples in “Baltimore to Fair Play” are haunting! What a trip! Well mixed. And the sub-sonics are sometimes very surprising in a very cool way. Give ‘er a whirl! I’m curious to hear your impressions. 👍🏻👍🏻
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    ...and more to come, it’s a sickness.
  • I'm sure this has been posted before.

    Sounds amazing on my SDA-2B

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    WOW...the new LORDE Album SOLAR POWER is really really engineered well with an amazing sound stage on my set of gen 1 CRS (w RD0194s) . Find a high res version and check it out...for sure the songs SOLAR POWER and OCEANIC FEELING! The cicadas moving around in and out during OCEANIC FEELING were unexpected and put a smile on my face. The last vocal in SOLAR POWER snapped my head across the room!
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    Good to see this thread still alive!
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