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    I’m looking forward to the UHQR release of “Aja” coming next month. There has yet to be an expert mastering done of that album yet.
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  • I need to write some more down, but I enjoy listening to this 4 as part of my tester list now:

    Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
    Nobody's Baby

    Frank Sinatra
    Fly Me To The Moon

    Maria Mena
    I Was Made for Loving You

    Stevie Wonder
    Living For The City

    The 1st three are relatively simple soundstages, with defined pieces in their place.

    #4 is an odd mix (to me). I hear Steve's mixes as tuned for his ear, and that makes me wonder if he hears differently because of his blindness. They seem... lower... tuned lower, I guess. But the sounds that reach out to the edges, and the little vignette in the middle, very nice.
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  • The Allman Brothers Band Live from A&R Studios.

    So good!
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    I don't have SDA's anymore but this song should be presented very well on them. Play, "The Peppery man" by Natalie Merchant.

    If you have not heard this selection before? I can say with very high confidence you will like it very much. SDA's should do this song justice.

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  • is there a SDA playlist set up anywhere that can be shared? That would be awesome
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    Only in this thread. You can go through and see tunes through the pages.