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    Hey gingers have souls! Am I a ginger? My beard has some red maybe

    I am already turning gray though so we are there!

    Thanks everyone. I feel really fortunate and lucky to have these speakers. I had to drive 22 hours round trip and luckily they were a price point I could afford. My wife was also understanding of my insanity.

    I am sure better exists, but to what end? The grandes are not perfect but they are very enjoyable and good at what they do. It is about all I can ask for. They are also the perfect kid speaker since children just bounce off of them.

    I would love to experience a master tape, perhaps one day if I am in your neck of the woods Ken!
    - Not Tom ::::::: Any system can play Diana Krall. Only the best can play Limp Bizkit.
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    Define better.

    You already own a superlative product, by any measure, that you have improved upon. Very few achieve what you have achieved at 35 years of age.
    Alea jacta est!
  • VR3
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    I appreciate that. I am a proud owner at the end of the day.

    This hobby is wildly subjective, for me these 25 year old speakers are just about all I can ask for.

    For some who prefer the current hifi sound... They may not be a fan.

    All a matter of taste. We audiophiles are never happy!
    - Not Tom ::::::: Any system can play Diana Krall. Only the best can play Limp Bizkit.
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    You all know I've owned a lot of speakers that I bought cheap by going everywhere and many(!) yard sales and checking the local listings and some stuff that came with road trips, even 2 trips to meet fellow members on here and which I still have those items I got from you.

    My experience with $$$$ speakers is the Polk SDA-SRS2's, the Newform Research R645's, Large Magnapans and then I bought those Golden ear ONE's. I felt I had reached a peak with those. I feel they do everything right!

    I know how you all feel about end-game speakers.

    I wish I had bought something like the Golden ear's in my 30's but there was NO way I could afford this level of reproduction capabilities with whatever was manufactured back then AT ALL.

    I just remembered I have ESS AMT 1B's I received 30 years ago that are high-level and sound spectacular too and I still have them too. I was given those though. I think the other 3 sets I mentioned are above the ESS's x 2.

    So I'm glad to hear people change out speakers and gear every so often.

    It shows us OTHER sound reproducers connect to our souls in many different ways and some excite us more than we knew could happen.

    A couple of days ago a FAT-BOY jet flew over our house low. We heard it coming and ran out to watch it fly over. It was the loudest sound I think I have ever heard. That sound vibrated my SOUL and my Wife's too. :D I've heard jets fly over this house hundreds of times but this was on another level. Just like getting a new set of speakers or gear.
    We have a newer level of POWER memory to reflect upon.

    I'm going to rotate some speakers soon and I'm sure I'll like them all.

    I love to hear you guys talk about all your speakers and gear. B)

    There is that saying we can't miss what we haven't had or heard.

    So my top speaker experience, for now, are the Golden ear ONE's, but I'll keep looking locally for speakers that cost a lot more when new than the One's did when new. Then I read reviews. I have the savings now but I'm pushing 70 so... :D maybe I should put the brakes on buying ANY stereo stuff and enjoy my music collection on what I have now, like I've done the past month. ;)

    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.