RD0 Billet Faceplate Upgrade

So here is the latest and greatest visual upgrade for my sda 2.3s and I like the looks of it. Very easy to install and the billet is a very big improvement over the oem plastic plates. Very good craftsmanship. I can't thank xschop enough for these beauty's.

So I started by removing the rdos from the speakers then I removed the 4 screws from the tweeters themselves. Then I removed the magnet from the tweeter coil. The tweeter coil and dome remained attached to the plastic faceplate. Remembering the orientation I removed it and placed it on the magnet. Pretty simple. They are easy to pull off.

Cover the wire leads on each side of the tweeter dome with electrical tape.


I added the billet faceplate which fit perfectly. Installed the 4 original screws. Installed original gasket. Then installed back into speaker cabinet.

The finished results are some very sophisticated looking 2.3s
Nice job xschop!!!


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