Omni SB1 Plus Bar Strange Problems

Ok so I've only had this sound bar for a few months, and I bought 2 S8 speakers to go with it. It was working fine in surround sound but all of the sudden it turned itself off. Now when it's on and connected to the WiFi whatever volume I have it set at, the volume lights pop on from the dark, and then slowly fades dark again. It stays dark for a few seconds and then it pops back up again, and then begins to slowly fades to dark again. It repeats this bizarre behavior for a few minutes and then it just shuts itself off. I have sound running through it with my TV on when this happens. Also when it's on WiFi it's not showing up on the app, but my 2 S8's do.

Now even stranger if I reset it and take it off my WiFi, the sound runs just fine and the white volume lights do not pop up and fade out. However I lose my surround sound, but then again I haven't had surround sound ever since it just out of nowhere turned itself off and then started this odd behavior. I haven't had much luck on calling it just says high volume calls and call back later. Hopefully someone here knows what this problem is. I spent a ton of money on this setup and I can't seem to keep it up and running longer than a couple of weeks and all of the sudden I need to set it all back up again. However this time the behavior is different and I can't fix it myself. Please advise or ask for any kind of clarification.


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