New TV value I'm impressed with...

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Bought a Vizio P65-F1 this weekend at bestbuy for $899. Pretty impressed with this set, after the "passing" of my Panasonic plasma 58". The Vizio is a 65" 4k set that gets pretty respectable reviews. Dialing in the picture is pretty easy using the "Calibrated" modes, and some suggested tweaks to those modes---and BINGO, great picture. The blacks and dark detail are incredible on this thing; never though it would be possible on an LED/LCD type panel. Can't speak to "HDR" performance, because I don't have any content, nor a way to play it. My Oppo BDP-103 looks fantastic on it.

Anywho...just though I'd share.
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    Welcome to the dark side Steve, congrats man.
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