SDA not working in left speaker anymore

Hi Everyone,

Have a question for the collective wisdom of the group - I noticed today that the SDA driver and tweeter in my left speaker is no longer working. It's been working so I checked the cable connections and everything is secure and correct. Haven't moved the speakers and they haven't fallen or anything. Has anyone encountered this and if "yes" what did you do to fix it? I have a pair of the original SDA'2s:

They look like these:

Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it!


  • Tony MTony M Posts: 6,519
    Can you pull the interconnecting cable out and check it for continuity?
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    Tony M wrote: »
    Can you pull the interconnecting cable out and check it for continuity?

    On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation SDAs, the plus + signal from the opposite speaker is sent over the Interconnect Cable, so both conductors carry signal. If the cable checks out, you'll have to pull the PR and have a look inside for anything amiss.
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  • Thank you Tony, I really appreciate it! The great news is that I found the problem - I was running my receiver's signal through an old DBX route selector and ADC EQ. Both of them need their buttons cleaned. When I removed them everything was working again and I have my big soundstage back.
  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,965
    Agreed. Less is more. I'm all for getting unnecessary things out of the signal path.
  • Tony MTony M Posts: 6,519
    Or a can of De-Oxit should be ordered.
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  • Did that to, cleaned up the EQ but the DBX box still needs some work as now there's no signal.
  • Found out that my interconnecting cable has a short in it at the connector. When I pull it up the SDA kicks in and when I allow it to lay on the floor it goes out in my left channel. Shouldn't be to hard to reconnect the connector. Has anyone removed and re-soldered their interconnect cable?
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,475
    Connector on the speaker or cable itself? The blade/blade connector on the speaker can get wonkie. I had to get inside mine and squeeze the metal together for a tighter grip on the cable. If it's the cable then good luck. I'd build a new one and go with a neutrik connector on the cabinet as well.
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