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  • I'll look forward to your upgraded 7B with Peerless comparison to your modded 7C, especially if the 7C has the tl mod. Keep us posted.
    George / NJ

    Polk 7B main speakers, std. mods+ (1979, orig owner)
    Martin Logan Dynamo sub w/6ft 14awg Power Cord
    Crown D150 amp
    Logitech Squeezebox Touch Streamer w/EDO applet
    iFi nano iDSD DAC
    iDefender w/ iPower PS
    Custom Steve Wilson 1m UPOCC Interconnect
    iFi Mercury 0.5m OFHC continuous cast copper USB cable
    Custom Ribbon Speaker Cables, 5ft long, 4N Copper, 14awg, ultra low inductance
    Custom Vibration Isolation Speaker Stands and Sub Platform
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    Fooling around last week. Had to take a family photo before a few pairs move along.

    That's a pretty impressive collection you had going on. How many pairs are you down to?

    Thanks, haha. Things have crossed the “obsessive” threshold, so with good intentions of “doing better” I sold the 1C's, 2B's and the 5B's since that photo was taken. However, another pair of 7B’s with Peerless and another pair of 3.1’s somehow ended up in my garage... planning on refurbing them and reselling soon. The 7B's will be getting mahogany veneer and a crossover update. Then I’ll compare them to my modded 7C's and decide which pair gets to stay. My other pair of 7B's will be up for sale soon. Just need new grille cloth and a little TLC. Once all that is done, will put me down to a total of 10 pair of vintage Polks left here. I still am hoping to wrangle myself up the pair of 2.3TL's from Idaho, but I’m afraid my friend @theycallmechad has fallen in love with them. Currently I’m working on a pretty epic subwoofer build (JL 12W7-AE and two 15” PR's in a 4cuft enclosure) that I’ll document in another thread. Then new crossovers for the Talon Khorus pair. Then... It never ends. But it keeps me out of the bar (and my wallet empty...) 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    @JayMX You’re putting a 3 ohm car sub in an enclosure with two fifteens? For home use?? I’d call that epic. My car audio guy has told me in the past not to have different size subs in one enclosure, because of a difference in excursion, and some other potential issues. Says the sound gets muddy.
    I’d love to hear that when done, as I’m a big fan of JL subs.
    Bars empty wallets too. (;
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    My curiosity is piqued. Looks really nice.
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    Haven’t changed anything but was listening to Dire Straits and thought this was a good video.


    Crap - not sure how to post a video!!!

    Very nice
    Magico, JL, Emm, ARC Ref 10 line, ARC Ref 10 phono, VPI, Lyra, Boulder, AQ Wel, SRA Scuttle Rack, Bluesound
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    Joey, show us your broom closet system. ;)
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