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I have a PSW111 subwoofer which is damaged. A few months ago I went to a Technician here in Venezuela to try to fix a buzzing noise it has. As it turns out he gave me back the Subwoofer with missing components on the internal PCBs and I want to send it to a Certified Repair Center in USA to try to save it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 5,337
    @KennethSwauger should be able to help.

    How old is the sub, did you buy it from an authorized dealer and do you have the receipt?
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    Might not matter since it was damaged further by an unauthorized "repair" facility.
  • Hi guys, I bought it on Crutchfield, yes I have the receipt and It is out of warranty, that's why I tried first here to save it before sending it back to USA, which is more expensive.
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    I don't know what Polk charges directly but you can buy a new Amp board for about $100 to replace yours. The Speaker Exchange in Tampa, FL would likely ship to Latin America.
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