which speakers are better?



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    The cardboard could also be affecting the preformance of the center channel. Would try something a little more rigid. Piece of plywood or even a cutting board on top of the box would probably help.

    Don't worry if the wife says she doesn't hear a difference. My cousin says she doesn't hear much difference between my system and her soundbar, but for some strange reason she always watches her new movies up here.
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    I upped the dialog, upped the center a bit more not much just a tad, I pulled it away from the wall more. Sounded way different but not sure if it's not just the movies. Had a niece over and she commented on how good it sounded un provoked..haha my wife enjoyed it better too. It will be coming off the cardboard box very soon! Hahaha
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    Open the box! Open the box!
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    Welcome to Club Polk John!

    That is the great thing about Polk, they make terrific speakers at every price point, and all of them are reasonably priced, and sound much better than the money that is spent.

    The new Signature series is simply outstanding with the traditional Polk sound that does well with both music and movies, terrific look, and all at affordable prices!

    I had to wait 27 years for them to make a speaker, that I felt was a worthy successor to my Polk RTA-8Ts, and I am extremely happy with my S60s.

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    Just to give an update.....we are loving this set up! Everybody who comes over loves it! And EVERYBODY comments on the svs and how it sounds. I got a great set up for our needs and really really enjoy it. Got it tweaked and everything sounds great!

    Thanks everyone for the help!
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    @alan78 Did you ever get the center off the box and on a real stand?

    Glad you're liking the setup.. a real sub is soooooooo nice.
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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    @mrloren I have the center speaker sitting on top of Styrofoam that the speakers came with. Set up to the bottom of the screen and angled up to my ears. I think it does sound better since it's not an empty box vibrating. I also got a new sony DVD player. Trying to figure if I need it set to PCM or auto at the moment but can't tell a difference.

    Center dialog still sounds muffled on some movies. I can up the center channel but then that makes the back ground sounds WAY to loud. The speaker itself isn't muffled just the voices and not even miffled just very low. But watching the guardian of the galaxy movies the voices sound so loud and crisp I had to turn the center down. Then we watched elf and had to crank it up. So I chalk it up to the sound mix on the DVD which is annoying. There was a difference between guardian of the galaxy 1 and v 2. 1 was very bass intensive which I like and vol 2 lacked bass. Strange how they do that.

    But really enjoying the whole set up. Now I'm trying to decide on seating. The couch and lawn chairs need to go! Hahaha
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    HT in the FROG room, I like it. I've done the same thing.

    Try playing with the x-over point of the center. I lowered mine and I think it makes voices (particularly male voices) sound more natural. I'm using an LsiC but maybe you'll find that helps as well. I don't particularly like the 80hz crossover point.

    Are you streaming the movies you're watching? I've noticed the voice quality on streams is particularly crappy.
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    These are blu rays I'm watching. I can stream much as we have no internet service in the country so I habe to use my cell service and being 4g it is still stupid slow for streaming.

    I can try the cross over change on the center. I beleive I have mine all set to 90 at the moment. Ill have to dounle check.

    I wish my FROG room was bigger. Trying to figure out seating is a pain with the knee walls.
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    Yours looks about the same size as ours. We went with this couch https://www.cb2.com/uno-2-piece-right-arm-sapphire-striped-sectional-sofa/s508065

    We pushed it up against the wall on the right hand side. The only downside (for some people) is they can hit their heads on the LSiFX that are on the walls. My wife and I are very short though so we don't have that problem.