George Grand

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George Grand passed away this morning.

Stephanie called Wendi to let her know. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last summer and it had spread to his liver. Just like George, he didn't want anyone to know. He was only 63.

This one hits home and hits hard. For those that knew him....George was, well, George. I mean, what can you say? Hell hath no fury like George when he was pissed but on the other hand, there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for you. He would open up his home to almost complete strangers and anyone who saw him with his family...well, it was just amazing. The money and support he raised for the Githens Center was just mind boggling. He was my friend and I'm proud of it.

I'm just sitting here thinking of all the laughs and great times...Darin's Remote, the endless pissing contests, the Carver wattage wars...SDA vs. SH...the Man Caves/Magic Closets...not just with George but a lot of you clowns. RuSsMaN, F1Nut, Hoosier21, RT1 and many more that started out as just names on a internet forum and are now lifelong friends. I love you guys.

Anyway, very sad day for me. I'll be spinning some Zappa and drinking some Goslings Rum. One for me, one for my friend. I know he's looking down, with his hair coiffed with Brylcreme, torching a Lucky Strike, telling anyone who will listen about the merits and genius of the AR3.




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    OMG. I had no idea he was sick! RIP.
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    Well that is sad news, I didn't know him only read his posts over the last six years seemed like a real straight shooter and as funny as heck.
    Condolences to his Family on his passing, RIP George

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    Goodness!! Like was said, I had no idea he was so ill.....Rest In Peace my friend :(
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    Wow! This is truly saddening. George really is one of the greats. I was wondering the other day why I hadn't seen him on here in a while. RIP George.
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    BDT I'm shocked GG of the New Jersey GRANDS will be sorely missed!!

    Please send our sincere condolences to the family.

    Thanks for the info pal
    when I get home ZAPPA it is SO effin loud they'll hear it in Jersey

    Rock on George

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    George Grand, of the Jersey Grands, was an easy guy to like. Rest in peace, George.
  • Nightfall
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    RIP George. I'm honored to have gotten in on one of his legendary record sales.
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    Very Sad. Never met him, but his posts were always worth reading.
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    RIP George. Another good one taken too soon.
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    This hits very hard indeed. My prayers for family and friends.
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    Great guy, always a good friend to me. RIP Mr. Grand of the Jersey Grands.
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    Sad to hear of GGs passsing. He was never one to back down and was always entertaining. He will be missed.
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    So sorry to hear this. I had a few PM conversations with him and liked him. I wish I had the chance to meet him.
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    Wow - R.I.P. George Grand - practically an institution on CP.
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    George, God Bless, God Speed....Love you man. Unbelievable.

    George Grand of the Jersey Grands, has left the building; and the forum will never be the same.
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    George was one of the really good guys. I am so sad to hear this. RIP George. dang it
  • DaveHo
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    Wow, I never knew he was ill. He will be missed. RIP George.
  • RuSsMaN
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    Well ****.
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    RIP George ! Gone but not forgotten!
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    This is terrible news! Fair well GG of the NJ G's.
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    If anyone is taking a collection for Flowers I am in.
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    I would guess George would rather you send a donation to the Githens center.
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    Had no idea either he was sick. RIP George, an Icon in his own right.
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    Sat and talked with him for awhile about music and speakers at Lou's. Gruff exterior but a softy on the inside. His acerbic wit and GG charm will be missed. Rest easy.
  • hochpt21
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    This is sad to hear. Bought a lot of albums from him over the last few years. Was always a great guy to work with.
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    Man, I didn't know him personally but the almost decade or more that I've been here has shown him to be a pillar/staple of this community. Cancer, that **** claims yet another victim. You guys saw my post last month about something similar, so it's pretty personal to me. My prayers for all his loved ones. His spirit will live on in our archives, and our hearts.
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    Ave atque vale, Mr. Grand.

    The Polk Forum has lost a true wit, and he will be missed.

    I didn't know him except on the Forum, and his posts were always worth reading and often a real "stitch" to read.

    My condolences to his friends and especially to his family.
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    So sorry to hear this. RIP George. My condolences to the Grand family.
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  • billbillw
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    That sux. Although I never met him personally, I could tell that George was a great guy. Always entertaining to read his posts. I'm very sorry to hear this. He was barely able to enjoy his retirement. Prayers to his family. RIP George.
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