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    This is a very sad time for this forum. George was truly one of a kind. When God made George... well... I think the mold was already broken!

    Of course I bought records from him. Tons. Donated several to him to sell to go towards Githens. Some of you may remember the fiasco with the moron who got himself banned from the forum during the group buy for the Dreadnaught transformers, where the guy was coming at me for just wanting to help out because I got the air miles for the group buy on my credit card. Well, George went and told the guy to go e f f himself after he got a check from me for the cash value of the air miles made payable to Githens. If George had the opportunity to stand up for one of his buddies, he'd sure take it. My kinda guy.

    We got to be good friends over the years, we were both originally from Brooklyn, and Brooklyn people always have plenty to talk about. I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with him, this was a great day:

    Gonna miss talking baseball with you, buddy. And Jackie was out. There, I got the last word in.
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    Met him at a Polkfest. Class act, true gentleman. Just another NYC schoolyard rat. RIP George
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    Never had the honor of meeting Mr. Grand, but it was obvious he was an honorable man. An absolute master of the 3 word post.
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    I only know Mr Grand from his posts on this forum, and this post. On more than one occasion, his comments made me spit beer, because I had to laugh.

    Reading the comments many of you have posted, I've come to believe that he was also a true gentleman. I haven't met very many people that I would place in that catagory. Always believe it's a d$$n shame when the world loses a true gentleman.

    May you find peace Mr. Grand.
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    I only knew George through his posts here but you couldn't help but like the guy. Wish I could have met him. Rest in peace George Grand of the Jersey Grands. Prayers for you and your family.
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    Stew wrote: »
    I only knew George through his posts here but you couldn't help but like the guy. Wish I could have met him. Rest in peace George Grand of the Jersey Grands. Prayers for you and your family.

    ^^^same boat, I love a blunt straight shooter...makes me laugh, as he did with his posts. I will add this...

    ...My wife was very confused for years as I kept buying albums from GG and I don't have a TT. I told her "because it was for a grand cause for a Grand guy"...Pun and name intended

    RIP, and condolences to the family

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    Prayers for his family. Rest peacefully George.
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    Wow just wow.been busy at work and have not had time to visit this place in a couple days. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    Truly sad news, having never met the man in person, I can still say from being part of the forum that he was one in a billion. RIP sir, God bless you and yours
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    I just saw this. Stupid work keeping me too busy.

    I was trying to get a hold of him a couple weeks ago 'cause I hadn't heard from him or seen him.

    This is heart breaking.

    I found this in case anyone was wondering:!/Obituary

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    not much more I can say that hasn't been said. A great man with a gargantuan heart hidden under an occasionally curmudgeonly old man shell......and I wouldn't have wanted him any other way.

    Quite possibly the biggest influence I had in the Audio hobby, as I bought Carver Platinums and AR9's and ran them for years based on hearing them at his house . I Also to this day still have my Carver tfm42 and 4.0T amps and will never part with them........if they were good enough for George......

    And that Pineapple he brought me from Hawaii.......holy crap.

    Vaya Con Dios brother, wish I got another chance to see ya but forever thankful I knew ya.
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    Late to the thread, but I am sorry to hear of the passing of George. He was one of the grandest of Grands, certainly. I will always remember that I (accidentally) shorted him postage for some reel-to-reel tapes I bought, but he sent them anyway. He refused another payment to make up for it. It was a very kind gesture on his part.

    You will be missed George. R.I.P, and condolences to all his family.
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    RIP George. Never met the gentleman but he definitely shared lots of good info here.
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    Sad, rest in peace George Grand....
    Some final words,
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    RIP George Grand of the Jersey Grands! I'm so glad we crossed paths, and I had the honor of hanging out with you. George Grand lives in his music. Glad I have many pieces of his vinyl.

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    Had no idea he was fighting cancer. RIP George. He was a great guy.
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    While I didn't know him very well...he seemed like a very cool person all around. One thing I am learning with is to short, so enjoy it now.
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    prayers sent! RIP George . . .
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    George was the epitome of what a quality person should be. I believe he made all of us who interacted with him better individuals.
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    I read the obit a few days ago, but waited to post for a while. I still don't really know what to say. I too only knew him on the forum. But I've read his posts over the years eagerly learning from the master. So long George. May God accept you into his merciful arms.
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    Wow, have not been here for a while or maybe I missed this.

    I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Mr Grand myself but I sure did enjoy his quick wit and audio knowledge.

    Prayers sent out for the family...
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    I will surely miss George....he was the most kind person...RIP good my friend..
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    Sounds Grand has closed its' doors. You will be missed George.
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    gidrah wrote: »
    Sounds Grand has closed its' doors. You will be missed George.

    Long time no see.
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    Dang, I just logged on to see this. Very sorry to hear this. RIP George....
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    Hello all, Tom here. George was a one of a kind individual who gave so much yet expected so little. Everybody here who knew him knew that he was first class all of the way (me included) even though he was tough with people. His heart was in the right place, his thoughts were always admirable and while he was a man of few words, his words meant something beyond the norm for so many of his friends.

    He will be missed by more than you now. On this forum and others and I feel for his family as this man was one who held the bar to a higher standard. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. My respect for this man goes well beyond his posting, even though I have never met the man himself.

    We didn't see eye to eye on everything audio but what I could very much respect is that he held his ground....regardless.

    George, may you RIP brother and we shall meet once again to listen to tunes upsatirs someday. You were a good man, one of the first people I ever spoke to online, you gave good advice when I first started in this hobby and I will never forget that. I just wish I had the chance to tell you this while you were still with us.


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    Thanks for all of the vinyl bro'.

    ~ In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence. ~

    ~ I have found excellence ~

    ~ The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to good analogue reproduction ~

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    Double G,, thanks for looking out for me for some hard to find vinyl,, you are missed sir.Rest in Peace.
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