SDA-1C Transitional Model Upgrade

This was a very interesting project. From the exterior, they're typical 1Cs, with slab tops and bottoms, and wrap-around grills. The IC was blade/blade, and the cabinet was a modified 1B. Inside, was a heavily modified 1B split crossover. I had reached out to @F1nut and @KennethSwauger for assistance. Apparently, during the transition from 1B to 1C, they not only used leftover cabinets, but crossovers as well. This gave me the chance to use @gimpod 's superb replacement circuit boards. I will say up front, I despise any and all Molex style Connectors. From my years building computers, they leave a lot to be desired.
The owner and I decided the Tweeter and Woofer Harnesses would be soldered directly to the board, and angled spade connectors would be used for the Binding Post Harnesses. All the Inductors were removed from the old Circuit Boards, and the Binding Post Cups were modified, since they had unused spools on the back. Sonicaps and Mills Resistors were chosen. New Erse SuperQ Inductors, SpeakONs, and New Binding Posts rounded out the upgrade. All Caps were hand matched, as well as the old Inductors, which were way off. What a pleasure working with the new boards. New mounting plates with Hurricane nuts were fabricated. Nylon Standoffs with Stainless Cap screws were used to secure everything.

Home Theater/2 Channel:
Front: SDA-2ATL
Center: Custom Built
Surrounds & Rears: Custom Built
Sonicaps, Mills, RDO-194s-198s, Dynamat, Hurricane Nuts, Blackhole5
Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV, Carver PM-600, SVS PB2-Plus Subwoofer