Finally!!!!! Neutrik, Dreadnought, etc..

Well it's been awhile since I have modded anything, and I have had all of this stuff for a year or better just sitting around..

I pulled my 1.2tl's out, and replaced my binding post plates, my Dreadnought, and finally made some MIT cables, I did this as I have wanted to use the Neutrik's that Jesse recommended when he did his. I of course built a case for myself when some of you had the group buy going on..

The Neutrik's are so much better then the binding posts, I love it...



  • Toolfan66
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  • Toolfan66
    Toolfan66 Posts: 17,044
    I almost forgot what fun it is to solder, while listening to some tunes, and sipping on a drink...
  • EndersShadow
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    I'd expect nothing less than stellar build quality and execution from you Larry.

    Looking very nice!
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    Very nice Larry, as usual.
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    Oh yeah, real nice!

    Now, I see why you did the red faceplates on the Dreadnought B)
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    Looks like upgrade never ends. ;)

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    Love the beautiful work Larry.
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  • Jhayman
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    Excellent work Larry...
    Great Pics
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  • helipilotdoug
    Outstanding job Larry!! Such wonderful attention to detail!
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    Looks fun , great job
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    love the red anodizing - that is really sharp!
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    Thanks guys, speakers are back up and running....
  • voltz
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    Awesome work as always! WTG Larry!
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  • Thorton
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    Wow, those look amazing. Nice work.
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  • headrott
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    Just saw this thread. Looks great Larry!

    So what did the crossovers cost you? $3.00 to $4.00? $3.59 as a guess? Somewhere in that price range? :p
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  • schwarcw
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    Very Nice Larry!

    I did a similar mod. Scompracer mounted by Neutrik connectors similar to your on my SRS 2.3s with great results!

    Here is a pick:



  • schwarcw
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    The Neutriks are a great addition! Nice solid connection. I am using Monster Reference "Z" wire for the interconnect cable

  • Moose68Bash
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    Fantastic project, Larry!

    Beautifully done!
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  • oldmodman
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    I will NEVER get tired of seeing the craftsmanship that is going into these speakers.

    I hope to be able to install some of these works of art in my set(s) someday too.