PSW125 Problems: Periodic Humming, Static and Heartbeat Noises



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    Stop spamming our forum.
  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,987
    ^^ Again, this was directed toward a spammer that was posting links for people to click on, not at anyone having a discussion in this thread.
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    Hi everyone, I started noticing the dreaded heartbeat noise a week or so ago with my PSW125. Found this thread when I was googling for a solution. I thought I was covered by the 5 year warranty (it was purchased in March 2014 from Best Buy Canada) but to my dismay, the amplifier is only covered for 3 years. Shameful that Polk Audio wouldn't cover all aspect of their product with the 5 year warranty. It's like they know the amplifier would fail first beyond 3 years.

    I see some older posts recommending to contact someone at Is that still the course of action for Canadian customers? Moderator can you post the latest contact information for getting the heartbeat issue fixed?

    Thank you.
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    I got Polk Subwoofer Model PSW125 and its not turning on.
    Initially Fuse got blown and replaced it .
    Now fuse is ok ,but the SubWoofer won't power on.
    Not sure on the issue.
    Any suggestions.
    Highly appreciated for your help.

    Thank you
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