Another bad customer service experience

I posted within another thread but figured I would start a new one a well. I've been trying to return a pair of S15's I bought a month ago. I ended up going with the S50's.

I've sent 5 emails and I've called them multiple times. I did receive a live person once. They took my information and said someone would send me a shipping label in 3-5 days. That didn't happen. I've filed a dispute with PayPal since that's what I used to purchase them. I didn't want to but I don't feel like I have another choice. Not sure if I will win the dispute, or hear back from Polk or what.

I purchased S50 and S30 center and I am happy with them, but this return process has left me baffled to the point that I searched out on this forum and created an account just to post this. It's so bizarre in this day and age.

I'll post pictures of my setup once I take some pictures in another thread.