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    If I were you John, I have get some 10 ft Ballards, put them down around 6.5 ft, full if all with concrete, that will teach those plow drivers
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    So, we got a bit of a sewer pipe problem. Keeps getting backed up.

    The sewer pipe is PVC so it's pretty new. PVC is good for a significant amount of time, 50+ years, at least. So no worries there.

    But the house had a septic system to it that was closed up some time in the mid-2000's. At that time, Captain Halfass stuffed a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink.

    When we first moved in, the kitchen and the power room just off the kitchen always had weird drain problems. In early 2019, the sewer line there backed up. I actually had sewage coming back into the toilet, the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. Had to run the dishwasher with a cleaning cycle like 4 times to get the stink out. Thankfully no spill over. But $300 for a drain snaking later and yeah, cleared out.

    Fast forward to this week, not draining well again. So I had a plumber come out and check it out 'cause the last time he was here to do this, he ripped a massive greaseberg out of the pipe and sent it down-stream. He looked at me disapprovingly and I was like "Dude, we only been here a year and a half, ain't now way that's from us!" He said "Yeah, that's probably a decade or more of grease buildup."

    So Mrs. Captain Halfass was probably dumping jugs of grease down the drain for 10-15 years.

    So we cleared the drain again and the plumber was like "Didn't I just clear this not too long ago? " I was like yeah and a year and a half ago now. So while his assistant was running the snake, he started looking around with me. I gave him the run down of what Captain Halfass told me and he was looking at the problem spots that were only on the extension.

    I asked if it was possible that the septic system wasn't closed off right and they **** up the grading on the new pipe. He said it was possible but he said the more likely culprit is that these are all iron pipes in here on the stacks. The sewer line runs like a trunk and all the iron pipes dump into the trunk. So the way they connect the old iron to the new PVC is via rubber/silicone/urethane boots. But, if they didn't backfill the excavation right, the boots will sag between the connections and you get a spot where stuff just hangs out and never really goes down stream. It causes back ups as stuff gets stuck to it and slowly closes off the pipe.

    I asked if it was because it was getting frozen because these backups only happen in the winter. He said it was possible that it was contributing to it but he's more convinced that it's the sagging connector that's the problem.

    So now I gotta call his nephew who's also a plumber but he has inspection equipment so we can scope this line and see where the problem is, maybe stick another cleanout in since the only one is at the stack where the pipe enters the municipal system.

    So no problem solved but he assured me that it is most certainly a fixable problem, may not be cheap but it's solvable and it's not going to require re-plumbing the house.

    But just the fact there's a path to resolution, I'm find with cost, I can deal with that. The amount of stress relief that it brings by knowing what the problem likely is and that we have a place to start looking is...hard to put in to words. Additionally, now that I have a valid explanation that makes sense, I know better ways to treat the symptoms and why the symptoms are happening until I can get it fixed. Even more stress relief right there.

    It's just...yeah...I'm tired. I need a nap or something.

    Up yours Captain Halfass you colossal dewsh canoe! I hope the Bird of Paradise flies up your nose down there in your "Outer Banks Paradise".
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    I hope your drain line is an easy fix.

    I was present for A LOT of main drain clog cleanings.

    Grease IS a major problem. My boss walking into a house's kitchen could tell what he was going to find in the drain line. I saw a grease ball the size of my car in one man-hole. It was the 1st man-hole coming off from an apartment complex. The hole was deep and wide. It was almost completely filled with WHITE grease. Kind-of like Niagara Falls when it's frozen. :D
    My boss got paid a lot to clean that crap out. ;)

    A sag in the line too.

    The most we saw was from roots. Older drain lines for sure but man did I see some HUGE root balls. The guys working the machines to clear some lines were like fishermen reeling in a Blue Tuna. It really takes SKILL to work those machines!

    I was allowed to work it one time. I almost lost my fingers! :s

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