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Good morning y'all. I have a couple sets of 10Bs and one of my drivers blew. It has happened before but I have used my 2 spares. It has been a while, but I seem to remember that there were two different drivers and I wanted to be sure that I picked up the right ones. I know I could have probably found this info if I was better at searching but I appreciate any help y'all can give me.

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  • Thank y'all for your quick responses. I believe I have used the 6500 and 6503 in my 10s and 5jrs. I think I have one 6500 left but it's time to pick up some spare parts I guess.
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    The earliest were unmarked unpainted and were MW6500s, I've also see MW6600X, and MW6503

    That's interesting Dave I knew they did come with MW6500 in the beginning. Looking at the schematic's provided by Polk the only drivers mentioned are MW6501 Which I believe could of been a MW6600 as those MW6600's were popular with early Polks. All later have MW6503 listed. One would think anything 10B would of been MW6503, but we also know how Polk switched up on the fly many times.

    Forgot the 6501s, seen them too. A lot of happy campers were working in the assembly area from what I've gathered.
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    ^^ Yes from what I've heard and read the wacky weed was flowing free and easy back then. :smiley:

    What are you trien to say? What is this wacky weed that you speak of? 4dc4we4djeuv.jpg
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