New Polk Audio "Legend" Speaker Series shown at 2019 Hong Kong High End Audio Video Show



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    I will be very interested in hearing and seeing how the Legends would integrate with my pair of REL Carbons. It has been eye opening with my Legacy’s but the idea of combining with SDA technology has really been top of mind lately.
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    My REL S5 blends so seamlessly with my 1.2TL’s that I don’t even know it’s there.
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    On Man....the two ported 10's have a 3dB down point at 32Hz. A sub to mate up with this set will have to bring it! Anything less than a ported 15" (with their already effective Power Port) driven by 1000-2000 watts of ICEpower and built in DSP just won't get it done. I'm sure they would ask $2000-$3000 for such a sub given the microPRO 4000 was $1700 waay back when.. The SVS PB16 should be the target and hopefully they have a couple in their R&D lab for testing as well as all of the ID subs out there.

    So, IMO if they don't have plans to offer a sub to mate up with the flagship as well as 10"-12" options then they should stay out of that game. Give them a year... If nothing within that time frame, I doubt they will jump in. The same goes for a surround option...and maybe one with ATMOS Enabled or maybe even wall and ceiling mount height speakers. Give them a year.
  • The legend 800 really awesome speakers. The below is my setup, within the apart distance of 2.4m, MLP at 3.3m and angle of more than 20 degree. It's really really awesome sounding

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    I apologize for posting this here but it seemed a little too second-hand to post in the L200 demo reviews thread. Still, I reckon this may be of interest to at least some of you us -- who are interested in correlating what one hears with what one may quantify*. Note that correlation doesn't imply causation** :)and I am not pretending that this poster is an expert in measuring loudspeaker response.

    Still, it is interesting to see some data, questionable though its provenance may be.


    ... I still wanna see the impedance and phase curves for the L200 :)

    * Of course, just because one may measure something doesn't mean it's audibly important (and vice versa) and just because someone can push a button and measure something doesn't mean he/she/they are doing it correctly, much less meaningfully. :p

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    It's interesting, to me, that the person who did those measurements ascribed a slight forwardness he/she/they hear in the L200 in their room to that little 3k to 4k bump in the (on axis) response.

    FWIW, I didn't find then at all forward, but, then again, I am used to Altec-style midrange :*

    The 'review' also mentioned a 550 Hz resonance that was particularly noticeable off-axis. I'll admit I didn't do much deliberate off-axis listening when we demo'd the L200, but I didn't notice anything funny that might be expected from a 550 Hz resonance. It will be recalled that concert "A" (A4) is 440 Hz; 550 Hz is reasonably close to "C5-sharp" (aka "D5-flat"), so kinda in the middle of the piano's (fundamental) range (just a bit more than an octave above 'middle C').

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    So -- some chatter at ASR (yes... :p ) and elsewhere got me to thinking about "SDA".
    Fueled by three large cups of coffee and a bit sleep depraved deprived :) I came up with the following, not terribly thought out, Gedankenexperiment.

    Suppose you had two (human -- or AI, if need be) violinists of equal ability and equipped with equivalent violins. Position those two violins in the positions normally occupied by a pair of properly set up L800s and take a seat in the proper listening position (with or without a beanie equipped with proper measuring equipment!)

    Ask both violinists (politely, of course) to play the same thing at the same time. Could be a piece of music, or a single note. The latter might be more amenable to analysis :)

    Listen to the result.

    Seems to me this would be a reasonable approximation of two point sources similar to two stereo loudspeakers. The "signal" would be, in essence, mono... but the effects of crosstalk between the two sources (I would think) would be quite evident to a human listener with two ears in the traditional configuration :) I suspect there'd be some noticeable weirdness if the two musicians/violins were playing the same note!

    Not sure what further 'testability' this model would have, but I thought it would be fun and interesting to try.


    (not quite the right illustration but you get the point :) )


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    No more coffee for you.
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