FS: SVS PB12 Ultra/2

Selling this old school SVS sub, going to build an IB setup so will have nowhere to put this one. Bought new from SVS some years ago. It's the black finish with no dents, dings or scratches. It does have an issue with the input,if you wiggle the rca cable it will feedback through the sub, not an issue unless the cable is moved. I plan to take a look at that this weekend. This thing is huge so local pickup only. I'm located about 20 mins outside of Nashville. You’re welcome to listen before purchase. Asking $700.

I’m new to this forum but have this listed on AVS as well. I have trader feedback on other forums I can share if needed.n7pwdn7abtzv.jpeg

Here are the specs:
SVS PB12-Ultra/2 Specifications
· Twin TV-12 "Ultra" woofers built by TC-Sounds... SVS's best
· 1,000 watt BASH (R) amp with built-in parametric equalizer
· Flush-mount amp configuration (220v. version available)
· Computer Assisted Design (CAD) enclosure
· Down-firing configuration with distinctive SVS integrated base-plate
· Compliant floor mounts , low center of gravity
· Three 4" high-flow flared porting (in and out), two port blocks included.
· Each sub built and tested by SVS in its Ohio factory.
· Extra heavy-duty detachable 8 foot power cord
· Hand finished in four hardwood veneers, gloss or fine textured black
· Selectable 16Hz, 20Hz or 25Hz extension with included port plugs
· +/- 2 dB 18 Hz-200 Hz anechoic in 20hz mode **
· Size: Approx. 19" wide, 26.5" tall and 28" deep. Weight: 190 pounds

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  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 8,751
    lloyd401 wrote: »
    I’m new to this forum

    You need to have 100 posts before making a post in the FS section.

    I guess you missed the "before you post, read this" sticky at the top of the FS section. I'll link it here for you: https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/98162/before-you-post-read-this
  • BgoodfellaBgoodfella Posts: 107
    Nice sub. One day I'd like to have one.
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  • lloyd401lloyd401 Posts: 2
    $650, can drive a couple hours to meet if needed.
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,947
    Dude, please comply with the rules for selling. You need 100 posts, as you were told more than a month ago.
  • verbverb Posts: 10,281
    Really brother hang out for a while! Tell us about your system, ask questions, get to know us, if your're really interested. Honestly no one here is really gonna buy from you if we don't know you.

    Hey if that's not your thing, all good. Craigslist is your friend.

    And welcome BTW! :smile:
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