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Before buying or selling anything on this forum, please see the guidelines and rules for replying, found here:

Buying and Selling Guidelines / Rules of Reply

Note: Polk Audio is not responsible for any of the sales that go in within these areas. All sales are at your own risk. Any "for sale" posting must be accompanied by a price and cannot be an auction type.

Being able to offer items for sale or trade is considered, by its membership, to be an earned privilege. To earn this privilege a member must accumulate at least 100 meaningful posts before he is permitted to offer anything for sale or for trade. Furthermore, this privilege does not extend to obvious gear flippers no matter how long you have been a member.

What qualifies as "meaningful" and who are "obvious flippers" will be determined by the moderators and "for sale/trade" posts will be deleted if they are in violation of the rules.

Sellers are not restricted as to the number of posts a potential buyer has, they are encouraged to use common sense in all transactions and agree that responsibility for all aspects of the transaction handling are theirs and the buyers. If a seller wishes to limit the acceptability of potential buyers he must include this as part of the item's description.

Selling gear "for a friend" doesn't count in this Flea Market. You, or your "friend" need to take direct responsibility for the transaction. You should encourage them to join and participate prior to FM sales. There have been a couple bad transactions where the seller has washed his hands of it, since it wasn't "his" originally. Sorry Charlie, if the gear is that good, buy it and sell it under your name and assume responsibility.

The feedback submitted for those transactions do not count and will be scrutinized and deleted.

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