Disturbed Evolution(Deluxe)

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Hello everyone,
I just discovered that Disturbed released their new Album last year yesterday. I usually keep up with things like this but somehow this slipped by me. Anyway I listened to the entire Album and I have mixed feelings about it.
Seems like they are now playing more Ballad type stuff I'm assuming due to the fact " Sound of Silence" was such a huge hit and rightfully so. Amazing song BUT that's not what they do best.
Anyway the one song I really like but HATE some of the things they did on it is " In Another Time". I usually don't pick on songs to hard ( yeah right I murder this LOL) but in the beginning of the song they have this really cool intro BUT then it slows down completely setting you up for the next part instead of punching you in the face like I would have. I would have JUMPED right into the heavy riff causing drama instead of tension. I think the song would have flowed better. And the F&%cking Talk box b*llSh*T gotta go. I think they should be left to Pop and Rap music and have NO PLACE in Metal Music. It's annoying and sounds like a Producer made them put that in because it's WHATS POPULAR these days. I hate it as this song could have been completely badass and I feel these things ruin it from being a 5 star song to my rating is 3 stars at best. The riff I love I think it's written extremely well but the talk box and stupid slow down in the intro ruin this song from me complete loving it.
This album has me at odds. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It has it's moments but some of the Industry popular things in it ruin it for me. I wish they just wrote how they always wrote and leave the stupid gimmick stuff out. They are WAY to good to need any of that crap in their music.
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    Nothing since their first album has excited me, I love their version of SOS but it's nothing I really go back to.. I'm the same with Godsmack, their first album is gold, everything after it, its a song here and there I like..
  • verbverb Posts: 6,590
    Asylum got me hooked into Disturbed. I’ve since acquired their whole collection. I like Evolution, took a few plays to get me, but agree not my fave. But still playable, IMO.
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