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    verb wrote: »
    Yep. Have to leave lots of space behind the components, for a proper bend radius.

    That's what I keep telling my wife.
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    I would, but I gave my extra cables away a couple of years ago.
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    I know there’s not a lot of love for AQ but I love my Thunder /Niagara combo. Audible difference as much as any component when added
    Not cheap however
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    edited January 9
    PS Audio PC's work for me. They were such a huge leap over stock, I never found it necessary to try any other. The quality is outstanding as the cost.
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    All TV's sound enhanced by Polk Magnfi Mini's.

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    verb wrote: »
    Yep @BlueFox I've read good things about em. Drew @Clipdat had a good review that he posted recently, IIRC.

    Thanks Dave. https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/182963/shunyata-venom-14-power-cord-ongoing-review/p1
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    Supra Lorad is a good step into power cables
    - Not Tom

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    Clipdat wrote: »
    verb wrote: »
    Yep @BlueFox I've read good things about em. Drew @Clipdat had a good review that he posted recently, IIRC.

    Thanks Dave. https://forum.polkaudio.com/discussion/182963/shunyata-venom-14-power-cord-ongoing-review/p1

    Thanks Drew. Great review!
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    I have the PS Audio AC-5s on all my components. I am very happy with them.
    I just replaced my power conditioner with a Furman elite 20. I am going to replace the cable for it with a Venom since PS Audio doesn’t have a 20 amp version available.
    The cable that came with the Furman is cheap.
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