Hello everyone!

I was listening to some records last night and I noticed that there is extreme cone excursion on the Ushers while playing records. This happens even when the needle is playing the "blank" section of the record before getting to the music section. So, even if no sound is audible, the cones on the speakers are moving quite a bit.

I have only seen rumble on this setup before when playing a warped record. Every time the needle went over the warped part of the record, there would be cone excursion on the speakers. Now, it's happening on all of my records.

The only change that I made was to further isolate the turntable from vibrations by adding a set of Isolate It!: Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Circular Disc Pad .5" (1.27cm) Thick x 2.5" (6.35cm) Dia. 50 Duro - 4 Pack to work in conjunction (stacked) on the Vibrapods I was using before. The Vibrapods did a decent job of isolating the table but if my wife stepped too heavily too close to the table, it could skip. After adding the Isolate it! on top of the vibrapods, it no longer skips but now I have rumble.

Would a different table still produce rumble or is it a case by case, table by table, kind of thing?

Is the cone excursion damaging the speakers? I haven't played anything on the table since I noticed the issue. Other than the cones movement, the sound is not altered.

Thanks for any and all input/advice/suggestions!